German University Hospital Powers Asset Management with Wisej.NET

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Auto-ID Solution Improves Stock Management for Emergency Ambulance Services

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Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Managing ambulance services is everything but simple: Emergency teams have to be on duty 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They need ambulance cars and full equipment available whenever a call comes in. Seconds count in case of an emergency.
To improve processes, the Medical Emergency Center of the University of Freiburg (Germany) has developed a solution to optimize stock handling on emergency ambulance service cars. Powered by Android Auto-ID devices (using Barcode or RFID), the emergency teams in Freiburg manage material supply using a Wisej.NET powered solution.

Cross-Platform Asset Management

The University of Freiburg has partnered with Sydesoft GmbH, a German specialist for Auto-ID solutions using Barcode and RFID technology. The team around Walter Seibel, CEO of Sydesoft, was asked to develop a system that would allow the emergency teams in Freiburg to manage and track medical supply on emergency vehicles with a simplified process.
Each car has a stock of medical supply such as medication, syringes, and other first-aid material. In order to be fully equipped, handheld devices are being used to scan missing stock and order replacement.

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Reliable Web-Platform

Walter Seibel has worked with different technologies and frameworks on the Microsoft .NET stack. The team wanted to reuse skills and code for web application development and found Wisej.NET to be the ideal tool and framework for this scenario. “Our Wisej.NET-based applications run really fast and are absolutely stable” says Walter. This is key in emergency situations and a core requirement when working with mobile devices that have hardware interfaces to scan Barcode and RFID. At the same time he emphasizes that “Wisej.NET provided us with the ability to design with the ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) principle. When developing business applications we have to react quickly to changing customer needs.”.

The team behind Wisej.NET has helped me whenever needed. Walter summarizes: “There is good documentation available for all aspects of Wisej.NET. In case of questions, the Wisej.NET support is really helpful.”.

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Results Achieved

  • Cross-platform Asset Management with Web Portal and Handheld Devices
  • Auto-ID for Scanning Barcode of Medical Supply
  • Simplified Order Handling
  • Great Performance and Stability thanks to Wisej.NET
  • Good Support at Hand

About Sydesoft GmbH

Sydesoft GmbH is a German specialist for developing Auto-ID solutions, using Barcode and RFID technologies.

They have worked with the University Hospital of Freiburg, which is one of the largest hospitals in Germany with more than 15.000 employees.

The Sydesoft Asset Management solution is used to manage the stock of medical supply on the hospital’s emergency vehicles.

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