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Wisej.NET version 3.5 beta is available!
Wisej.NET Rapid .NET Web Development - 3M downloads!

Industries Using Wisej.NET
for business web applications.

Companies in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Constructions, Energy, Financial, Government, Banking, IT Management, Data Processing, and more, find that with Wisej.NET they have a viable solution to bring their complex systems to the web and break free from expensive Desktop and Remote Desktop deployments.

Pixel Perfect Designer

Design and build complex Web Applications directly in Visual Studio using C# or VB.NET and a rich library of components.

Real-Time Web Made Simple

Keep the browser and the server in live-sync through small differential Ajax/JSON packets over a failsafe WebSocket connection.

Responsive Web Applications

Wisej.NET supports responsive breaks, responsive properties, flow and grid layout panels, auto sizing, and auto anchoring/docking to build perfect responsive web apps.

Multiple Deployment
Wisej.NET applications can be deployed easily.

  • Cloud Service
  • Datacenter Server
  • On-Premise Server
  • Shared Site
  • Self-Hosted Service
  • Desktop Application
  • PWA Application
  • iOS Application
  • Android Application

Fast Development

Create complex Web Applications in a fraction of the time compared to traditional ASP.NET or MVC.

Flat Learning Curve

C# and VB.NET developers are productive right away using a well-established environment and programming paradigm.

Open and Integrated

Integrate most third party JavaScript widgets in a standard and consistent framework – easier to maintain and deploy.

Full Control Set

Wisej.NET includes all the controls you’ll ever need out of the box. And if something is missing, we’ll add it to the free extensions section.

Cloud Ready

Wisej.NET applications are ready for scalable cloud deployments, embedded environments, and local servers.




30 days unlimited trial of the full feature set of Wisej.NET. We’ll send you a single reminder when the trial is about to end.


Get the full set of controls and components, plus 1 year of free upgrades. Includes premium extensions and the full theme builder.


Includes the full set of controls, including premium extensions, the full theme builder, direct support, and bugfixes priority.

Theme Builder

The Wisej.NET flexible theme system - based on CSS3 Decorators, Widget Properties, and Theme Mixins, goes far beyond plain CSS.
  • Style running applications
  • Self contained JSON file – including icons
  • Style custom widgets and properties
  • Export/import of theme icons at once
  • Standalone executable for web designers

Integrate Everything

Wisej.NET integrates third party widgets as designable components and wires them to the server automatically. Free of routes, unsafe APIs and cumbersome code. Use the best features out there in a coherent and open environment.

All third party trademarks referenced, whether in logo form, name form or product form, or otherwise, remain the property of their respective holders, and are used by us only to refer to our product’s support and integration of third party widgets. Our use of these trademarks in no way indicates any relationship between us and the holders of these trademarks.

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