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Recently opened and closed bugs. Limited to 30.
closed#1804 DataGridView RowHeight does not reflect the theme value2.0.13
closed#1803 MouseClick in a DGV does not cover Right Button clicks2.0.13
closed#1802 Setting the DGV cell style to null does not trigger an update.2.0.13
closed#1801 Changing Control.TabStop doesn't trigger a client update.2.0.13
closed#1800 The app may show an "Unexpected token I in JSON" if it sets a float property value to Infinity, or NaN as a result of a division by zero error in the application.2.0.13
closed#1799 Wrong column is scrolled into view when the DGV has frozen columns2.0.13
closed#1798 Toolbar buttons with Material-3 don't update the icon color when pressed or checked.2.0.12
closed#1797 Shortcuts don´t work when the focus is in an "inner" widget.2.0.12
closed#1796 An editable ComboBox can raise multiple SelectedIndexChanged events2.0.12
closed#1795 FullCalendar does not show events anymore2.0.12
closed#1794 Reenabling a disabled DGV does not correctly update its appearance2.0.12
closed#1793 Using the quick edit to change the padding throws an exception2.0.12
closed#1792 Tools inside an edit control change the icon's color to match the edit control's ForeColor.2.0.12
closed#1791 Entering edit mode in a cell with DataGridViewCellStyle.WrapMode set to True may throw an exception "Multiline property cannot be modified after creation".2.0.12
closed#1790 DataGridView.AllowUserToOrderColumns set to false doesn't disable moving of columns.2.0.12
closed#1789 Cannot use the keyboard to navigate the DataGrid with FireFox
closed#1788 PDFViewer type Mozilla raises a network error for an empty source2.0.12
closed#1787 The events Control.ControlAdded and Control.ControlRemoved are fired multiple times.2.0.12
closed#1786 Setting loader timeout to 0 does not disable it.2.0.12
closed#1785 Setting DataGridViewRow.HeaderCell.Value doesn't update the client in some cases.2.0.12
closed#1784 Automation mode may assign duplicate ids.1.5.48
closed#1783 Only on IE when the row header is resized the arrow indicator shrinks.1.5.48
closed#1781 Application does not launch a new session after "Session expired" message.1.5.48
closed#1780 MessageBox cuts text when running Chrome with a zoom level < 100%1.5.48
closed#1779 Appearance for an unchecked switch checkbox in Material-3 is wrong1.5.48
closed#1778 A CKEditor popup can remain hidden behind in Chrome1.5.48
closed#1777 In a UserComboBox with type DropDownList text is greyed out even if enabled1.5.48
closed#1776 Resizing a column while editing another column resizes the editor instead1.5.48
closed#1773 Changing a property in design mode can lead to a VS crash under special conditions1.5.48
closed#1772 If a control is created without a parent, its BindingContext is not initialized1.5.48

New Features

Recently added and closed new features. Limited to 30.
closed#1681 Inherit properties from custom controls instead of duplicating their values into InitializeComponent().2.0.11
closed#1662 Add Brotli compression support for HTTP and WebSocket2.0.11
open#1657 Add the ClientPanel extension to implement client-side only layout using all the client layout engines.Wisej 2.1
closed#1645 Add Application.ShowConsole to show|hide the debug console programmatically.1.5.36
closed#1540 Consolidate assemblies to Wisej.Framework and Wisej,Framework.Design.2.0.11
closed#1538 Implement DataGridView row and column autosizing modes2.0.11
closed#1537 Responsive properties2.0.11
closed#1536 Modernize the Visual Studio designer2.0.11
closed#1532 Optionally generate the ID attribute for QA automation tools.1.5.16
closed#1531 Generate DOM attributes for QA automation tools.1.5.16
closed#1504 WJ-9166 ChartJS: add DataLabel plugin1.5.16
open#1496 WJ-9152 Allow different appearances on DGV rows and cellsWisej 2.1
open#1491 WJ-9146 Stop overscrolling and zooming in mobile mode.
closed#1457 WJ-9098 Support for Reverse Geoding in GoogleMaps extension1.5.16
closed#1442 WJ-9077 Add awaitable Form.ShowDialogAsync() for modal dialogs.1.5.16
closed#1441 WJ-9076 Add Application and Control awaitable CallAsync and EvalAsync + Call(callback) and Eval(callback).1.5.16
closed#1440 WJ-9075 Add new Wisej specific SynchronizationContext to support async/await programing.1.5.16
closed#1437 WJ-9072 Add Application.Browser.CookieStorage similar to LocalStorage and SessionStorage.1.5.16
closed#1432 WJ-9067 Add async return values to Call() and Eval() to receive the return value from the client.1.5.16
closed#1413 WJ-9045 Wisej.Application.Chrome extension: add DownloadHandler
closed#1399 WJ-9030 Add GroupBoxCollapsed and GroupBoxExpanded events
closed#1376 WJ-9004 Use new visual state ReadOnly on TextBox, ComboBox, DateTimePicker, ListBox and UpDown
closed#1336 WJ-8950 Make Line, HScrollBar and VScrollBar movable and resizeable
closed#1324 WJ-8933 New Slidebar control added
closed#1323 WJ-8932 ApplicationBase.CurrentCulture make setter public


Recently added and closed enhancements. Limited to 30.
closed#1782 Added item template to add Brotli compression2.0.11
closed#1775 Allow custom renderer for header cells1.5.48
closed#1774 DGV sorting preserves current data row when sorting the data source. 1.5.48
open#1766 Add support for trace switches and trace levels in web.config.
closed#1765 Move Control.ShowLoader functionality to the client and enable only for MenuItem and ButtonBase.1.5.48
closed#1764 Add support for UserPaint for row header and column header cells.1.5.48
closed#1761 Calling desktop.Show() should make the Desktop control the active desktop automatically (assign Application.Desktop).1.5.48
open#1759 Add support for DataGridView.AutoSize to resize the grid to fit rows and columns.Wisej 2.1
closed#1758 DataGridViews should set the current cell and row to the first visible cell when the row collection changes.1.5.48
closed#1752 Wisej.Web.LinkLabel doesn't implement the Links collection.wontfix
closed#1748 Allow the selected theme appearance for the DataGridView to override row and cell background colors.1.5.45
closed#1730 Implement cell padding when using docked cell controls.1.5.43
closed#1728 Use a default icon for tool items1.5.43
open#1721 Add DataGridView.CellRender and ListView.ItemRender to let the app render the content of cells without changing their value.
closed#1705 Automatically select ListBox item on DragStart1.5.45
closed#1698 Prevent the browser from sharing the session when using Application.Navigate() to open a new tab for the same application.1.5.42
closed#1693 Call and Eval on a not yet visible control force its creation instead of waiting1.5.38
closed#1690 Added Scrollbars.Hidden to ScrollBars enumeration2.0.11
closed#1680 Control-Key is not set in LinkClicked event1.5.37
closed#1674 Add Font, ForeColor and BackColor to MenuItem and MainMenu.1.5.36
closed#1673 Document the RootName property of the WisejAssemblyAttribute regarding embedded resources.
closed#1661 Add autoReload option in default.json.1.5.36
closed#1659 Compress WebSocket packets.
closed#1642 Add support for the UserPopup.Movable feature.1.5.36
closed#1640 Add and update the "lang" attribute of the HTML element.1.5.36
closed#1628 Workaround for Edge and IE corrupt Japanese filenames on Application.Download1.5.36
closed#1625 Make ImageSource properties editable at design time.1.5.36
closed#1624 Render separators using the hatched brush in the designer.1.5.36
closed#1611 Eliminate any license warning or message for servers in production.1.5.36
open#1610 Attach and dispatch events from the HTML editor to the Wisej control


Recently added or closed items in the product roadmap. Limited to 30.
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Roadmap items are also highlighted in the blog as we have more details to share.