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Recently opened and closed bugs. Limited to 30.
open#3354 Clearing and re-adding the same MenuItems to ContextMenu at the same time doesn't fully update the menu.3.5.5
open#3353 When a custom theme font has multiple sources (i.e. normal, bold) for the same family it renders the same family multiple times in the DOM.3.5.5
open#3352 After removing more rows than the CurrentCell in a DataGridView, the value of CurrentCell is set to null instead of the last row.3.5.5
open#3351 The DataGridView selects the first visible cell when populated by doesn't select the row or cell according to the SelectionMode.3.5.5
open#3350 Pressing Ctrl+[Key] doesn't fire KeyPress, only KeyDown and KeyUp.wontfix3.5.5
open#3348 Entering edit mode automatically when DataGridView.EditMode is set to EditOnEnter may fail in some cases.3.5.5
open#3346 When a DataGridViewCell is in edit mode and the app moves the focus to another control, the grid may grab the focus back.3.5.5
open#3345 Wisej.Web.Label doesn't wrap when the text contains only \r instead of \r\n.3.5.5
open#3344 Adding a ContextMenu or MainMenu with a duplicate name may cause an exception at runtime.3.5.5
open#3343 ComboBox.SelectionChangeCommitted fires also when the selection is changed by code if executed while processing a user selection change event.3.5.5
open#3342 ListViewItems with the BackColor property set don't show the selected background color.3.5.5
open#3341 Adding a ListViewItem with StateImageIndex set to -1 to a ListView changes the item.StateImageIndex to
open#3340 Closing a mdi child while the mdi preview view is active doesn't update the preview in some cases.3.5.5
open#3338 Wisej.Ext.ClientFileSystem fails when using WriteText and WriteTextAsync.3.5.5
open#3335 ComboBox.SelectionChangeCommitted is fired after SelectedIndexChanged, should be fired before.3.5.5
closed#3333 Closing programmatically while processing OnLoad also disposed the dialog.3.5.4
closed#3332 Setting form.DialogResult and closing while processing the Load event doesn't set DialogResult.3.5.4
closed#3331 Disposed controls may still return true for the Visible property.3.5.4
closed#3329 Calling AutoResizeColumn multiple times may add an extra space on each call3.5.4
closed#3327 DataGridView - Cell is not validated when leaving the cell editor with TAB key.3.5.4
closed#3326 Wisej.NET designer toolbar shows a white background for drop down buttons when pressed.3.5.4
closed#3324 Error native tooltip related to DataGridView cells gets truncated when the text contains single quotes3.5.4
closed#3323 Using a file name with spaces with Application.Download() and Safari downloads the file name with %20 instead of the spaces.3.5.4
closed#3322 SplitButton fails to show the menu items,3.5.4
closed#3321 Using TextBox.SelectAll() when the InputType = Number doesn't select the text.3.5.4
closed#3320 Switching the active TabPage doesn't set the focus to a child TextBox inside a child UserControl.3.5.4
closed#3319 Binding to a child property in a control in a TabPage at design time may lead to a binding error.3.5.4
closed#3318 Setting the Form.MinimumSize changes the MaximumSize Height or Width if either one is set to 0 (ignore).3.5.4
closed#3311 When a UserControl is inside an AccordionPanel it fires the Load event before the top level Form or Page are created.3.5.4
closed#3310 Theme fonts in the /themes folder that are not installed slow down the designer.3.5.3

New Features

Recently added and closed new features. Limited to 30.
open#3316 Replace GDI+ usage with our new System.Drawing.Managed (ImageSharp) assembly.4.0.0
open#3315 Implement .NET Core out-of-proc designers.4.0.0
open#3314 Add zooming support to the designer.4.0.0
closed#3277 Extend ErrorProvider to fire the ErrorChanged event and allow overriding of its core methods.3.5.0
closed#3186 Add method chaining support to all controls.3.5.0
closed#3185 Add specialized constructors to all controls.3.5.0
closed#3132 Preserve the full URL when switching to the offline pages and back online.3.2.0
closed#3106 Add ValidationExtender with validation rule support and extender IErrorProvider support.3.2.0
closed#3090 Add ViewModel base class to support the new built-in MVVM pattern.wontfix3.2.0
closed#3089 Add ContainerControl.DataContext to support the new built-in MVVM pattern.wontfix3.2.0
closed#3088 Allow TooolBarButton to use data binding.3.2.0
closed#3087 Add ToolBarButton.Command to allow a toolbar button to bind to an ICommand property.3.2.0
open#3085 Implement the new TaskDialog system.
closed#3084 Add MenuItem.Command to allow MenuItem to bind to an ICommand property.3.2.0
closed#3083 Allow MenuItem to use data binding.3.2.0
open#3065 Implement Wisej.Web.Ext.ToolStrip extension.
closed#2980 Add NumericTextBox and DateTimeTextBox controls.3.1.1
closed#2976 Integrate F1 code help with our api docs in code editor.3.1.1
open#2975 Enable help button on all designer editors linked to the relevant docs page.
closed#2974 New tiny tool icons in designer property grid: reset, data bound, responsive, localizable.3.1.1
closed#2859 Option to load a custom Default.json for multi-tenant provisioning and custom URLs.2.5.26
closed#2810 Add ILabel, IModified, IImage, IReadOnly interfaces to normalize common features.3.0.8
closed#2809 Add callback to Application.Download methods to be invoked when the file or stream has been sent to the client.3.0.8
closed#2697 Include TaskBar control from the extensions to use the newer properties.Wisej 2.5
closed#2696 Add Desktop.TaskbarAlignment to align the items Left, Middle, Right similar to Windows 11.Wisej 2.5
closed#2695 Add Application.ClientId and Application.Clients to identify a specific client and get a list of all clients.Wisej 2.5
closed#2599 Add support for frozen rows to the DataGridView.Wisej 2.5
closed#2598 Merge the summary extension into the DataGridView control.Wisej 2.5
closed#2545 Add optional Edge preview for the ThemeBuilder.Wisej 2.5
closed#2492 Add optional Edge/Chrome renderer for the Wisej designer.Wisej 2.5


Recently added and closed enhancements. Limited to 30.
open#3355 Add support for HttpClientCertificate as Application.ClientCertificate3.5.5
open#3349 Ctrl-V or RightClick-Paste should update the server side text on a TextBox.3.5.5
open#3339 Add default accessibility roles to Wisej controls.3.5.5
closed#3334 Added AutoActivateFirstChild to control auto focus first control after tab page switch3.5.4
closed#3330 Embedded theme mixins in the main project cannot override imported mixins from referenced assemblies.3.5.4
closed#3325 New option in Wisej.NET designer toolbar "Update Toolbox"3.5.4
closed#3313 Add Wisej.NET controls and new custom toolbox items to the Toolbox automatically (with icons)3.5.4
open#3312 Enhance MVVM binding with DataContext and CommandParameter.Future Release
closed#3301 Wisej.NET 3.5 Now Targets .NET 73.5.3
closed#3297 Add support for generic service types to Application.Services.3.5.4
closed#3296 Add Application.RefreshSessionId() to minimize potential session fixing attacks.3.5.2
closed#3294 Tree glyphs are not displayed when the tree column is of type ImageDataGridViewColumn3.5.2
closed#3290 Normalize LF to CRLF in the TextBox.Text property when the TextBox is a Multiline editor.3.5.0
open#3288 Add HTML sanitation for XSS attacks to content that has the AllowHtml property.Future Release
open#3287 MonthCalendar Add Drag selection support.Future Release
closed#3281 Masked DateTimePicker should return "" in the Text property when the date field is empty, regardless of the mask.3.2.8
closed#3280 Add automatic tooltip when AutoEllipsis is true for buttons, labels, checkboxes etc.3.5.0
closed#3276 Add DataSource to the new Validation extender to support the IDataErrorInfo interface on data sources.3.5.0
closed#3275 NumericUpDown - Formatting a null value displays "0" instead of an empty text field.3.2.7
open#3274 Add a property to allow the DataGridView to move the focuses cell on Enter when terminating edit mode.Future Release
closed#3273 Extend the ErrorProvider to specify a custom icon to use for a specific control.wontfix
closed#3269 Add Uri to LoadConfigurationEventArgs fired with Wisej.Core.Configuration.LoadConfiguration.3.2.6
closed#3266 Add Application.GetInstance() and SessionRefererence class to manage the conversion of statics to session statics.3.2.6
closed#3262 Add Enabled property to the ValidationRule base class.3.2.6
closed#3257 Improve the javascript mask provider to skip prompts to the next literal when typed.3.2.6
open#3255 Enhance the RibbonBar to support AutoSize at runtime.Future Release
closed#3248 Allow premium controls to work on localhost with valid Developer license.3.2.5
closed#3235 Implement ListViewItem.Visible property to hide items instead of removing them.3.5.0
open#3234 Add parser and formatter callback methods to DataBinding support.Future Release
open#3229 Add new collection Add() methods to the RibbonBar extension to simplify creation of components.Future Release