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Recently opened and closed bugs. Limited to 30.
open#2297 Calling ListView.Items.Clear(true) with UserControl in ListViewSubItem throws exception "object reference not set to an instance of an object"
open#2296 DataGridView with columns WrapMode = true, AutoSizeRowsMode = "AllCells" doesn't wrap cells properly.
open#2295 UserComboBox selects the full text when dropping down while the standard ComboBox doesn't.Next Release
open#2294 Pasting text conforming to mask in MaskedTextBox gets appended to end instead of on mask.
open#2293 Setting ListViewComboBox ItemHeight doesn't work.
open#2292 MaskedTextBox mask only escapes first character
open#2290 CKEditor ShowToolbar doesn't work
open#2288 Closing a modal form dialog with Dispose() doesn't return the DialogResult
open#2280 Clicking on a ListViews subitem can close the containing UserPopupNext Release
open#2279 DataRepeater steals focus from other controls when DataSource gets setNext Release
closed#2277 A DataGridView with a different font setting can fail to auto size its columns2.1.70
closed#2276 Shortcuts using both Ctrl and Shift are not recognized.2.1.70
closed#2275 Designer does not render inherited SplitContainer correctly2.1.70
closed#2274 Form.Dispose() should not fire FormClosing and FormClosed.2.1.70
closed#2273 Elements on first dynamically created TabPage may not receive clicks if TabControl was empty before2.1.70
closed#2271 Virtual TreeViews can scroll the parent node into view when updating the selection2.1.70
closed#2269 Adding an ErrorProvider can lead to unnessary code generated by the designer2.1.66
closed#2264 Inserting a column after a DataGridView has been populated can throw an exception2.1.66
closed#2259 SelectOnEnter fails on IE when having multiple NumericUpDown controls2.1.66
closed#2258 Switching ListView.View mode after creation doesn't update the rendering of the items correctly in some cases.2.1.66
closed#2254 Moving a TreeNode down in TreeNodeCollection doesn't update the client correctly in some cases.2.1.66
closed#2253 Hiding the DataGridView.CurrentRow resets the row selection.2.1.66
closed#2246 When Label.AutoEllipsis is true and Padding top or bottom is set, the vertical alignment of the text is wrong.2.1.66
closed#2243 TagTextBox shows the watermark also when it contains tags.2.1.60
closed#2242 When the TagTextBox grows in height it doesn't update the parent's size if the parent has AutoSize = true.2.1.60
closed#2241 Updating the icon of a floating Form doesn't update the corresponding icon in the Desktop's Taskbar.2.1.60
closed#2240 Graphite-3 Theme, buttons don't have press effect when pressed with Enter key2.1.66
closed#2237 The LabelWrapper does not work correctly with AutoEllipsis2.1.60
closed#2236 Setting DisplayIndex at creation of a column fails2.1.60
closed#2235 Label AutoSize: labels get cut off when using Firefox and Chrome for certain fonts2.1.60

New Features

Recently added and closed new features. Limited to 30.
closed#2016 Support DataGridView.AutoSize.2.1.13
closed#1993 Add .print() function to PdfViewer controlwontfix
closed#1947 Add "Visible" to ScrollableControls2.0.40
closed#1926 Add automatic Label to TextBox, ComboBox, DateTimePicker, NumericUpDown, Listbox, DomainUpDown.2.1.13
closed#1920 Add Wisej.Web.TimeUpDown derived from UpDownBase.2.1.13
open#1919 Add time selector to DateTimePicker drop down.Wisej 3.0
closed#1872 Add feature to designer to register a theme in a different assembly.2.0.28
closed#1869 Add options TabControl.AllowUserToMoveTabs to let users drag the tab buttons.2.0.24
closed#1859 Add the DataRepeater control either as an extension or a built-in control.2.1.13
closed#1681 Inherit properties from custom controls instead of duplicating their values into InitializeComponent().2.0.11
closed#1662 Add Brotli compression support for HTTP and WebSocket2.0.11
open#1657 Add the ClientPanel extension to implement client-side only layout using all the client layout engines.Wisej 2.2
closed#1653 Add TabOrderManager extender to generate TabIndex in sequence automatically,2.1.13
closed#1645 Add Application.ShowConsole to show|hide the debug console programmatically.1.5.36
closed#1540 Consolidate assemblies to Wisej.Framework and Wisej,Framework.Design.2.0.11
closed#1538 Implement DataGridView row and column autosizing modes2.0.11
closed#1537 Responsive properties2.0.11
closed#1536 Modernize the Visual Studio designer2.0.11
closed#1532 Optionally generate the ID attribute for QA automation tools.1.5.16
closed#1531 Generate DOM attributes for QA automation tools.1.5.16
closed#1504 WJ-9166 ChartJS: add DataLabel plugin1.5.16
open#1496 Allow different appearances on DGV rows and cellsWisej 2.2
closed#1491 WJ-9146 Stop overscrolling and zooming in mobile mode.2.0.28
open#1477 WJ-9128 Add Desktop docking methods.
closed#1457 WJ-9098 Support for Reverse Geoding in GoogleMaps extension1.5.16
closed#1442 WJ-9077 Add awaitable Form.ShowDialogAsync() for modal dialogs.1.5.16
closed#1441 WJ-9076 Add Application and Control awaitable CallAsync and EvalAsync + Call(callback) and Eval(callback).1.5.16
closed#1440 WJ-9075 Add new Wisej specific SynchronizationContext to support async/await programing.1.5.16
closed#1437 WJ-9072 Add Application.Browser.CookieStorage similar to LocalStorage and SessionStorage.1.5.16
closed#1432 WJ-9067 Add async return values to Call() and Eval() to receive the return value from the client.1.5.16


Recently added and closed enhancements. Limited to 30.
open#2294 Pasting text conforming to mask in MaskedTextBox gets appended to end instead of on mask.
open#2293 Setting ListViewComboBox ItemHeight doesn't work.
open#2289 Add support for the System.ComponentModel.PasswordPropertyTextAttribute to the PropertyGrid.Wisej 2.2
open#2286 Allow the PropertyGrid to automatically select the next value when double clicking on the value cell.Wisej 2.2
closed#2272 Added DataGridView.ScrollCellIntoView to scroll rows and columns to left,top,bottom,right or best(null)2.1.70
closed#2243 TagTextBox shows the watermark also when it contains tags.2.1.60
open#2238 Add AutoShowLoader property to ToolBarButtons
closed#2232 Allow theme to set the SplitContainer style when the property IsSplitterFixed is true adding a "fixed" state.2.1.60
closed#2223 Add SelectOnEnter to TextBoxes, ComboBoxes, UpDownControls and DateTimePicker2.1.60
closed#2222 Fire ModifiedChanged event as soon as the text changes on the client2.1.60
closed#2200 MenuItem.Shortcutand Button.Shortcut should not stop the default behavior when the target widget is disabled.2.1.60
closed#2197 Add customization to inherited TableLayoutPanels2.1.60
open#2195 Add TextImageRelation to CheckBoxes/RadioButtonsWisej 2.2
closed#2191 Add EnableNativeContextMenu to Widget2.1.60
closed#2174 Improve designer speed when controls include icons.2.1.43
closed#2173 Add option to auto-assign TabIndex order at design time.2.1.43
closed#2171 Decrease or remove min timeout setting2.1.60
closed#2170 Clicking on a tool should move the focus to its ToolContainer2.1.43
closed#2166 Implement Padding for ToolBar2.1.43
closed#2165 Add ForeColor property to ToolBarButtons2.1.43
closed#2150 A readonly DateTimePicker should have its buttons disabled.2.1.43
closed#2147 Added new ValidationMode to ButtonBase2.1.43
closed#2129 Add ListControl.ShowToolTips and ListControl.ToolTipsMember to show a tooltip for each item in the list.2.1.43
closed#2128 Add CheckedListBox.CheckStateMember to bind the checked state of the list items.2.1.43
closed#2123 Added support for DataRepeater.Refresh() and ListView.Refresh() to reload the current data2.1.43
open#2120 Add ability to bind complex properties to the DataRepeater and DataGridView controls
closed#2103 Add CssClass and CssStyle to DataGridViewCellStyle - similar to Control's same properties.2.1.22
closed#2094 Add ability to navigate between MessageBox options with arrow keys2.1.22
closed#2089 If a WebSocket connection is not available/blocked a Polling interval should be used if defined2.1.22
closed#2088 Added support for transparent control design.2.1.22