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Recently opened and closed bugs. Limited to 30.
open#2531 Editing the NumericUpDown and using the keyboard Up/Down updates the previous value.
open#2530 Setting NumericUpDown InterceptArrowKeys = False disables editing with keyboard.Next Release
open#2527 The TabControl in a SplitterContainer may in some cases generate a javascript error.Next Release
open#2526 NumericUpDown with KeyPress handler doesn't allow user to change value manually.Next Release
closed#2525 Adding a MenuItem to a MainMenu after the form is created doesn't always update the browser.2.2.29
closed#2523 If thread's CurrentCulture and CurrentUICulture are different, will be out of sync on refresh.2.2.29
closed#2521 ListBox missing resource error thrown while opening FormatString property in designer
closed#2519 Cannot use the editor in the designer to edit a DataGridViewCellStyle, causing a "could not find any resource..." erorr.2.2.29
closed#2516 Using a custom font on a control showing an associated label may cause the size of labels to be wrong.2.2.29
closed#2514 Size of the MDI child forms in a MdiTabView is incorrect.2.2.29
closed#2513 Controls with DockStyle = Fill in a form with FormBorderStyle = None are resized incorrectly.2.2.29
closed#2511 Using an icon pack and changing the text color of a button in a theme mixin doesn't update the svg color at first loading.2.2.29
closed#2510 Pressing Shift + Key doesn't start edit mode in a DataGridView cell.2.2.29
closed#2508 Setting SelectedIndex = -1 doesn't clear the text in a ComboBox set to DropDownList.2.2.29
closed#2505 DataGridViewRow.Clone() doesn't copy cells2.2.29
closed#2504 Right-clicking the first cell in a DGV with a ContextMenu does not set DGV.SelectedRows2.2.29
closed#2503 SplitPanel with HeaderPosition Left or Right has the wrong Header width.2.2.29
closed#2502 SplitPanel in SplitContainer with left-aligned header doesn't resize correctly when collapsed and opened.wontfix
closed#2497 ComboBox.Watermark is not displayed when DropDownStyle = DropDownList and the ComboBox is not editable.2.2.25
closed#2496 DataGridView.SetRowState() doesn't update the client.2.2.25
closed#2491 A TabPage does not get resized when its Display properties change2.2.25
closed#2490 When a DataRepeater´s scrollbar is shown, its items are not properly resized2.2.25
closed#2488 MaximumSize doesn't limit a widget's size on the client when the text makes the widget grow on the client.2.2.25
closed#2487 A panel header text is not displayed correctly if it contains < or >2.2.25
closed#2483 FlowLayoutPanel with AutoSize and FillWeight inside another FlowLayoutPanel doesn't autosize correctly.2.2.25
closed#2481 ListBox layout is wrong when RightToLeft is true.2.2.25
closed#2480 When LazyLoading is true the ajax loader is not removed by the UserComboBox (ListViewComboBox and TreeViewComboBox).2.2.25
closed#2478 ComboBox.LazyLoading and ListBox.LazyLoading don't work after a browser refresh.2.2.25
closed#2477 Labels with \n are not converted to
, only \r\n is converted to
closed#2476 Removing a column of a DataGridView with SelectionMode = CellSelect can throw an exception2.2.25

New Features

Recently added and closed new features. Limited to 30.
open#2492 Add optional Edge/Chrome renderer for the Wisej designer.
closed#2016 Support DataGridView.AutoSize.2.1.13
closed#1993 Add .print() function to PdfViewer controlwontfix
closed#1947 Add "Visible" to ScrollableControls2.0.40
closed#1926 Add automatic Label to TextBox, ComboBox, DateTimePicker, NumericUpDown, Listbox, DomainUpDown.2.1.13
closed#1920 Add Wisej.Web.TimeUpDown derived from UpDownBase.2.1.13
open#1919 Add time selector to DateTimePicker drop down.Wisej 3.0
closed#1872 Add feature to designer to register a theme in a different assembly.2.0.28
closed#1869 Add options TabControl.AllowUserToMoveTabs to let users drag the tab buttons.2.0.24
closed#1859 Add the DataRepeater control either as an extension or a built-in control.2.1.13
closed#1681 Inherit properties from custom controls instead of duplicating their values into InitializeComponent().2.0.11
closed#1662 Add Brotli compression support for HTTP and WebSocket2.0.11
open#1657 Add the ClientPanel extension to implement client-side only layout using all the client layout engines.2.2.1
closed#1653 Add TabOrderManager extender to generate TabIndex in sequence automatically,2.1.13
closed#1645 Add Application.ShowConsole to show|hide the debug console programmatically.1.5.36
closed#1540 Consolidate assemblies to Wisej.Framework and Wisej,Framework.Design.2.0.11
closed#1538 Implement DataGridView row and column autosizing modes2.0.11
closed#1537 Responsive properties2.0.11
closed#1536 Modernize the Visual Studio designer2.0.11
closed#1532 Optionally generate the ID attribute for QA automation tools.1.5.16
closed#1531 Generate DOM attributes for QA automation tools.1.5.16
closed#1504 WJ-9166 ChartJS: add DataLabel plugin1.5.16
open#1496 Allow different appearances on DGV rows and cells2.2.1
closed#1491 WJ-9146 Stop overscrolling and zooming in mobile mode.2.0.28
open#1477 WJ-9128 Add Desktop docking methods.
closed#1457 WJ-9098 Support for Reverse Geoding in GoogleMaps extension1.5.16
closed#1442 WJ-9077 Add awaitable Form.ShowDialogAsync() for modal dialogs.1.5.16
closed#1441 WJ-9076 Add Application and Control awaitable CallAsync and EvalAsync + Call(callback) and Eval(callback).1.5.16
closed#1440 WJ-9075 Add new Wisej specific SynchronizationContext to support async/await programing.1.5.16
closed#1437 WJ-9072 Add Application.Browser.CookieStorage similar to LocalStorage and SessionStorage.1.5.16


Recently added and closed enhancements. Limited to 30.
open#2532 Remove EditorBrowsable .Never attribute from UpDownBase.SelectOnEnter PropertyNext Release
open#2529 Allow Application.Download() to initiate the downloading of multiple files if called more than once.Next Release
closed#2524 DesktopTaskBarItemDateTime should use the session's culture to format the date/time.2.2.29
closed#2520 Make it easier to change bubble text color and background color.2.2.29
closed#2518 Add Multiline, AcceptsReturn, and AcceptsTab support to DataGridViewTextBoxColumn2.2.29
closed#2517 Fix Bubbles position for TabPages2.2.29
closed#2515 Add NoDataMessage to DataGridViews2.2.29
closed#2512 Add keyboard selection support to Wisej.Web.Ext.NavigationBar.2.2.29
closed#2509 Make AutoCompleteList localizable.2.2.29
closed#2507 Add "new-password" option to TextBox.AutoComplete2.2.29
closed#2501 Add "Label" property to designer action list for MaskedTextBox.2.2.29
closed#2500 Add ObjectFit property to the Camera extension.2.2.25
closed#2499 Add support for .wmf, .emf and .tif images to PictureBox.2.2.25
closed#2498 Add PrintPreviewDialog and PrintPreviewControl to support System.Drawing.PrintDocument.2.2.25
closed#2495 Modify PWA Template manifest.json start_url to include wildcard for development on IIS Express and Local IIS2.2.29
closed#2493 Add parallel HTML renderers for the Wisej designer to improve rendering speed.2.2.25
closed#2489 Add support for async javascript calls returning a Promise when calling from .NET.2.2.25
closed#2486 Add configurable temp path in "Wisej.TempPath" in web.config.2.2.25
closed#2485 Add domain name to Temp Path2.2.25
closed#2484 Designer refreshes too many times with complex nested FlowLayoutPanel controls.2.2.25
closed#2482 Add the Integrity property to Wisej.Web.Widget.Package for loading external packages.2.2.25
closed#2479 Added Esc/Enter to close the ListViewComboBox2.2.25
closed#2475 Add DataGridView.GetFormattedValue() 2.2.25
closed#2473 Make ToolTipText property localizable2.2.25
closed#2470 Add TabControl.GetTabRect(callback) and GetTabRectAsync() to retrieve the tab rect from the client.2.2.19
closed#2469 Add DataGridView.SetCurrentCell() to set the focus cell without creating the virtual row.2.2.19
closed#2455 Hide label in RibbonBarGroup when empty.2.2.19
closed#2448 Setting a ComboBox Text to a value that does not exist, SelectedIndex is set to -12.2.17
closed#2444 Add Application.LoadPackages method to reduce delays related to loading and rendering widgets.2.2.17
closed#2432 Add support for thread modals created in a thread when in HTTP only mode.2.2.14