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Recently opened and closed bugs. Limited to 30.
closed#1604 JavaScript and StyleSheet extenders using an embedded file fail to load the css or js file when inherited in another project.1.5.23
closed#1597 When DataGridView.ShowColumnVisibilityMenu is false, populating the datagrid using data binding may result in the grid not being rendered.1.5.23
closed#1595 ComboBox doesn't show Native context menu1.5.23
closed#1591 Desktop preview thumbnail keeps playing video/audio when closed.1.5.23
closed#1590 MdiChild forms with CloseBox = false or ControlBox = false show the close button the MdiParent preview page.1.5.23
closed#1586 Bound DataGridView is only rendered partially1.5.23
closed#1585 AspNetWrapper throws a "Method not allowed" message1.5.23
closed#1584 Empty ListView throws exception in SelectionChanged if tabbed out1.5.23
closed#1583 Chrome Standalone doesn't show audio or video
closed#1581 FullCalendar: extending the duration of all day events sets the End date to null1.5.23
closed#1580 Controls in DataGridViewCell is not rendered/updated correctly when the DataGridView is not visible.
closed#1579 if Wisej URL does not end with "/" it does not redirect to Default.html1.5.23
closed#1578 DataGridView Application Error "isEditing"1.5.23
closed#1574 ListViewItem.Clone does not properly clone its subitems1.5.23
closed#1573 When editing a cell, clicking on an area of the DataGridView outside of other cells doesn't update the grid until a next event.1.5.23
closed#1572 Disposing a TreeNode, ListViewItem or ListViewSubItem should not dispose IDisposable objects associated to the Tag or UserData properties.1.5.23
closed#1570 Setting DataGridView.TopLeftHeaderCell.Value doesn't update the browser.1.5.17
closed#1568 Inserting a DataGridView cell above the CurrentCell doesn't update the CurrentCell.1.5.17
closed#1567 DataGridView.CurrentCellChanged is not fired when clicking on the row header and the CurrentCell is null (ColIndex = -1). Or when the RowIndex = -1 (column header).1.5.17
closed#1565 Installer doesn't copy italian resources folder1.5.17
closed#1564 Sorting a DataGridView bound to a ORM LLBLGen Pro data source causes blank rows.1.5.17
closed#1563 FlowLayoutPanel with AutoSize=true doesn't resize to 0 height when all children are hidden.1.5.17
closed#1562 When TreeNode.ShowLoader is true it's not automatically turned off when the node is populated with child nodes.1.5.17
closed#1561 CurrentCell.RowIndex is not updated before firing DataGridView.SelectionChanged1.5.17
closed#1560 Form Activated is triggered before Load event for MDI child form
closed#1557 Setting DataGridView.ColumnHeadersVisible false and then back to true hides the ColumnVisibilityMenu.1.5.17
closed#1556 DataGridView.ColumnHeadersVisible = false show a 1px extra border at the top.1.5.17
closed#1555 ListView.HeaderStyle = None shows a 1px extra border at the top.1.5.17
closed#1553 CallAsync and EvalAsync may fail to execute the callback (or complete the await) if the GC kicks in too soon.1.5.16
closed#1549 Google font is not loaded on Android/IoS1.5.23


Recently added and closed enhancements. Limited to 30.
open#1611 Eliminate any license warning or message for servers in production.Next Development Build
open#1610 Attach and dispatch events from the HTML editor to the Wisej control
closed#1599 Setting AcceptButton changes button DialogResult.None to DialogResult.OK1.5.23
closed#1594 The session times out if a request runs longer than the session timeout.1.5.23
open#1588 Implement new composite control
open#1587 Implement File System Provider for GoogleDrive
open#1582 Add support for vertical alignment to menubar
closed#1569 Enhance Drag & Drop for ListViews and DataGridViews1.5.17
closed#1554 Show the SizeMode property in the MdiTabProperties member.1.5.17
closed#1552 Delete a cookie by assigning null.1.5.16
closed#1551 Allow an application to handle URL sub folders without creating a new session.1.5.17
closed#1526 WJ-9194 Added UserPopup support for ComponentTool and TabPage.1.5.16
closed#1525 WJ-9193 Added ContextMenu support for Columns, ComponentTool and TabPage.1.5.16
closed#1524 WJ-9192 Added ShowAsync variants to ContextMenu.1.5.16
closed#1523 WJ-9191 Changed behavior of editable controls setting the focus on the inner textfield when clicked.1.5.16
closed#1520 WJ-9186 Allow ContextMenu to show in relation to components such as DataGridViewColumn or Tools or ToolButtons.1.5.16
closed#1519 WJ-9185 Add Async options to ContextMenu.Show functions.1.5.16
closed#1516 WJ-9182 Add VB.NET specific UI calls like MsgBox.1.5.16
closed#1514 WJ-9179 When resizing a DataGridView row while a cell is in edit mode, should not cancel editing.1.5.16
closed#1513 WJ-9178 When EnableNativeContextMenu is true, the widget should show the context menu unless it defines a custom ContextMenu.1.5.16
closed#1494 WJ-9149 Optimize ColumnFilter extension to enable restoring filters1.5.16
closed#1485 WJ-9137 ChartJs: Added support for SteppedLine. Set colours and style on each individual point. Upgraded to chartjs
open#1484 WJ-9136 AssemblyInfo - AssemblyCopyright should use the current year
closed#1472 WJ-9122 Allow custom appearances for TreeNode widgets.1.5.16
closed#1469 WJ-9116 Typing in a non-editable ComboBox when it's not dropped down should select the items.1.5.23
closed#1467 WJ-9114 Allow different appearances for ComboBox and ListBox items.1.5.16
closed#1461 WJ-9102 Translate to FR/PT new resources1.5.16
closed#1458 WJ-9099 Wisej.Ext.Geolocation: Added awaitable method.1.5.16
closed#1455 WJ-9094 Add italian translations of resources1.5.16
open#1447 WJ-9082 Improve touch scrolling for DataGridViews and ListViews (in detail mode)