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Recently opened and closed bugs. Limited to 30.
closed#1850 EvalAsync and Eval with callback fail to scope the script to the target control.
closed#1849 Removing or hiding a MainMenu after a form has been created doesn't update the layout of its children and the MdiClient.Next Development Build
open#1848 Setting frozen columns on DataGridView already populated and with a focused cell causes a javascript error "isEditing" is not defined.
closed#1846 Using Firefox, a DGV cell with a content that starts with % loses the focus when clicking on the first char to editNext Development Build
closed#1844 Removing an item from a ListView does not correctly update the SelectedItemswontfix
closed#1842 Since Firefox 66, event.getKeyIdentifier() returns wrong identifiers for some keys.
closed#1839 MouseClick is not fired for the right button.Next Development Build
closed#1838 Sorting a DGV with VirtualMode = true raises an error.Next Development Build
closed#1837 Clicking on a partially visible checkbox cell scrolls row into view but ignores the clickNext Development Build
open#1836 A child control on a TabControl anchored to the bottom gets a wrong height when changed in the designerNext Development Build
closed#1834 Checkbox.Checked and Radiobox.Checked don´t show an icon in Graphite-3 themeNext Development Build
closed#1833 ActiveMdiChild is not reset correctly when adding/removing child forms
open#1832 Controls hidden after they are created visible in a hidden parent in a visible parent may not get hidden on the client when the parent is shown.Next Development Build
open#1831 Assigning Form.AcceptButton or Form.CancelButton sets the buttons.DialogResult property to OK or Cancel. Should leave unchanged.Next Development Build
closed#1830 Form.ActiveMdiChild keeps referencing the last child form after it has been closed.Next Development Build
open#1829 Using Call() or Eval() while being disposed on a control never made visible may throw the "ObjectDisposed" exception.Next Development Build
open#1827 Changing the font to a theme font without altering the size or style doesn't update the font size or style when loading a different theme.Next Development Build
open#1826 A readonly = false cell in a readonly column cannot be edited.Next Development Build
open#1825 Assigning an Icon to a MenuItem with Text="-" (separator) causes a "no such property: icon" error.Next Development Build
closed#1824 Pressing Esc in a DataGridViewComboBoxCell after having selected an item doesn't restore the previous value.Next Development Build
open#1823 When a button is the AcceptButton or CancelButton, Enter and Esc don't close a ComboBox that is dropped down.Next Development Build
closed#1822 AcceptButton and CancelButton that are not visible are executed.Next Development Build
closed#1821 Shortcuts on menu items in a MainMenu that is not visible are executed.Next Development Build
open#1820 Shortcuts on menu items in a ContextMenu don't work.Next Development Build
open#1819 ShowLoader can be shown behind a floating window due to a wrong Z-IndexNext Development Build
open#1818 The DataGridViewComboBoxColumn may duplicate the shared Items for each cell.Next Development Build
closed#1811 When a web font is slow to load, some controls my show wrapped text or truncated content.Next Development Build
open#1810 AutoResizeColumns does not work for ListViews (in Detail Mode)Next Development Build
open#1809 Tabbing quickly across editable controls doesn't always set the focused control correctly.Next Development Build
open#1806 When an MdiContainer doesn't have the main menu and the MdiChild does, the TabMdiView is not sized correctly.Next Development Build

New Features

Recently added and closed new features. Limited to 30.
closed#1681 Inherit properties from custom controls instead of duplicating their values into InitializeComponent().2.0.11
closed#1662 Add Brotli compression support for HTTP and WebSocket2.0.11
open#1657 Add the ClientPanel extension to implement client-side only layout using all the client layout engines.Wisej 2.1
closed#1645 Add Application.ShowConsole to show|hide the debug console programmatically.1.5.36
closed#1540 Consolidate assemblies to Wisej.Framework and Wisej,Framework.Design.2.0.11
closed#1538 Implement DataGridView row and column autosizing modes2.0.11
closed#1537 Responsive properties2.0.11
closed#1536 Modernize the Visual Studio designer2.0.11
closed#1532 Optionally generate the ID attribute for QA automation tools.1.5.16
closed#1531 Generate DOM attributes for QA automation tools.1.5.16
closed#1504 WJ-9166 ChartJS: add DataLabel plugin1.5.16
open#1496 WJ-9152 Allow different appearances on DGV rows and cellsWisej 2.1
open#1491 WJ-9146 Stop overscrolling and zooming in mobile mode.
closed#1457 WJ-9098 Support for Reverse Geoding in GoogleMaps extension1.5.16
closed#1442 WJ-9077 Add awaitable Form.ShowDialogAsync() for modal dialogs.1.5.16
closed#1441 WJ-9076 Add Application and Control awaitable CallAsync and EvalAsync + Call(callback) and Eval(callback).1.5.16
closed#1440 WJ-9075 Add new Wisej specific SynchronizationContext to support async/await programing.1.5.16
closed#1437 WJ-9072 Add Application.Browser.CookieStorage similar to LocalStorage and SessionStorage.1.5.16
closed#1432 WJ-9067 Add async return values to Call() and Eval() to receive the return value from the client.1.5.16
closed#1413 WJ-9045 Wisej.Application.Chrome extension: add DownloadHandler
closed#1399 WJ-9030 Add GroupBoxCollapsed and GroupBoxExpanded events
closed#1376 WJ-9004 Use new visual state ReadOnly on TextBox, ComboBox, DateTimePicker, ListBox and UpDown
closed#1336 WJ-8950 Make Line, HScrollBar and VScrollBar movable and resizeable
closed#1324 WJ-8933 New Slidebar control added
closed#1323 WJ-8932 ApplicationBase.CurrentCulture make setter public


Recently added and closed enhancements. Limited to 30.
open#1847 Make WebMethods Inheritable
open#1841 Add state for tools to describe the host control they are defined inNext Development Build
closed#1840 A DataGridView on a page should not catch the parents mouse wheel event.Next Development Build
closed#1828 Add AutoCompleteMode.FilterAppendNext Development Build
closed#1817 Rework the ComboBox.AutoCompleteMode implementation.Next Development Build
closed#1816 Add AutoCompleteMode.Filter to filter ComboBox items while typing.Next Development Build
closed#1815 Add DataGridViewComboBoxColumn.VirtualScroll to support unlimited items in the drop down.Next Development Build
open#1814 Make Appliction.StartTask() preserve the synchronization context to support chained async/await calls.Next Development Build
open#1812 Add CollectionChanged event to ComboBox.Items, ListBox.Items, ListView.Items collections.Next Development Build
closed#1782 Added item template to add Brotli compression2.0.11
closed#1775 Allow custom renderer for header cells1.5.48
closed#1774 DGV sorting preserves current data row when sorting the data source. 1.5.48
open#1766 Add support for trace switches and trace levels in web.config.
closed#1765 Move Control.ShowLoader functionality to the client and enable only for MenuItem and ButtonBase.1.5.48
closed#1764 Add support for UserPaint for row header and column header cells.1.5.48
closed#1761 Calling desktop.Show() should make the Desktop control the active desktop automatically (assign Application.Desktop).1.5.48
open#1759 Add support for DataGridView.AutoSize to resize the grid to fit rows and columns.Wisej 2.1
closed#1758 DataGridViews should set the current cell and row to the first visible cell when the row collection changes.1.5.48
closed#1752 Wisej.Web.LinkLabel doesn't implement the Links collection.wontfix
closed#1748 Allow the selected theme appearance for the DataGridView to override row and cell background colors.1.5.45
closed#1730 Implement cell padding when using docked cell controls.1.5.43
closed#1728 Use a default icon for tool items1.5.43
open#1721 Add DataGridView.CellRender and ListView.ItemRender to let the app render the content of cells without changing their value.
closed#1705 Automatically select ListBox item on DragStart1.5.45
closed#1698 Prevent the browser from sharing the session when using Application.Navigate() to open a new tab for the same application.1.5.42
closed#1693 Call and Eval on a not yet visible control force its creation instead of waiting1.5.38
closed#1690 Added Scrollbars.Hidden to ScrollBars enumeration2.0.11
closed#1680 Control-Key is not set in LinkClicked event1.5.37
closed#1674 Add Font, ForeColor and BackColor to MenuItem and MainMenu.1.5.36
closed#1673 Document the RootName property of the WisejAssemblyAttribute regarding embedded resources.


Recently added or closed items in the product roadmap. Limited to 30.
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Roadmap items are also highlighted in the blog as we have more details to share.