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Recently opened and closed bugs. Limited to 30.
open#3115 Button control not starting drag & drop because the pointer is captured for the down/up movement.
open#3113 Assigning a CustomFormat changes the Value in a DateTimePicker3.1.8
open#3112 DataGridView.ColumnWidthChanged Event won't fire.3.1.8
open#3111 MonthCalendar fires the DateSelected and DateChanged events incorrectly.3.1.8
open#3110 DataGridView not adjusting the Frozen state of column when adding columns to the collection. 3.1.8
open#3109 Selecting a TreeView Node after moving it makes the Parent no longer expandable.3.1.8
open#3108 Adding a MonthCalendar with AutoSize=true to a parent at runtime doesn't update the Size at first.3.1.8
open#3107 UserPopup.AutoSize doesn't resize the user popup.3.1.8
open#3104 Updating the Control.AccessibleName property may cause a js exception in the console.3.1.8
open#3102 Disabling a MenuBar control doesn't disable the menu items.3.1.8
open#3101 Uploading a file with with an "id_#" filename breaks Upload Control.3.1.8
closed#3100 DataGridViewColumn.SizeMode, MinimumWidth, MaximumWidth at design time doesn't update the design view consistently.3.1.7
open#3099 AutoFilterMode is broken if VirtualScrolling is true on a ComboBox
closed#3098 Setting ListViewItem.Focused = false doesn't clear the focused item.3.1.7
closed#3097 DataGridViewCell.ValueType may return the wrong value when a cell is inserted in a column of a different type.3.1.7
closed#3095 DataGridViewCell.InheritedState may return Selected and Frozen when they are not set.3.1.7
closed#3093 Updating the Application.Clients after closing the browser may throw an NullReferenceException.3.1.7
closed#3092 Using the ErrorProvider extender may show an "id.split is not a function" error.3.1.7
closed#3082 Handled internal gdi+ exception causes a slow down in the designer in some cases.3.1.6
closed#3081 RightToLeftChanged event is not fired when changing the RightToLeft property.3.1.6
closed#3080 ListView.SelectedIndices.Add(0) throws ArgumentOutOfRange exception.3.1.7
closed#3079 Using ListView.SelectedIndices.IndexOf(-1) or any invalid index throws an IndexOutOfRange exception.3.1.7
closed#3078 Sorting a DataGridView data bound to a data source that doesn't implement sorting results in an incorrect order.3.1.6
closed#3076 Adding a selection to SelectedIndices in a ListView can raise an exception3.1.6
closed#3075 Changing the Style of a ToolBarButton after it´s created does not work properly3.1.6
closed#3074 Setting ListBox or CheckedListBox DataSource when SelectionMode is set to None caused an exception.3.1.6
closed#3073 Setting ListBox or CheckedListBox.Text to a value that is not in the Items list doesn't preserve the text.3.1.6
open#3072 Closing and reopening a Wisej.NET solution without closing Visual Studio fails to open the designer with the "unable to cast" error.3.2.0
closed#3071 Adding a ListViewItem with the Selected property set to true to a ListView doesn't show the item as selected.3.1.6
closed#3070 .NET 6.0: Controls.Find() returns an array with the controls listed twice.3.1.6

New Features

Recently added and closed new features. Limited to 30.
open#3106 Add ValidationExtender with validation rule support and extender IErrorProvider support.3.2.0
open#3090 Add ViewModel base class to support the new built-in MVVM pattern.3.2.0
closed#3089 Add ContainerControl.DataContext to support the new built-in MVVM pattern.wontfix3.2.0
open#3088 Allow TooolBarButton to use data binding.3.2.0
open#3087 Add ToolBarButton.Command to allow a toolbar button to bind to an ICommand property.3.2.0
open#3085 Implement the new TaskDialog system.3.2.0
open#3084 Add MenuItem.Command to allow MenuItem to bind to an ICommand property.3.2.0
open#3083 Allow MenuItem to use data binding.3.2.0
open#3065 Implement Wisej.Web.Ext.ToolStrip extension.3.2.0
closed#2980 Add NumericTextBox and DateTimeTextBox controls.3.1.1
closed#2976 Integrate F1 code help with our api docs in code editor.3.1.1
open#2975 Enable help button on all designer editors linked to the relevant docs page.
closed#2974 New tiny tool icons in designer property grid: reset, data bound, responsive, localizable.3.1.1
closed#2859 Option to load a custom Default.json for multi-tenant provisioning and custom URLs.2.5.26
closed#2810 Add ILabel, IModified, IImage, IReadOnly interfaces to normalize common features.3.0.8
closed#2809 Add callback to Application.Download methods to be invoked when the file or stream has been sent to the client.3.0.8
closed#2697 Include TaskBar control from the extensions to use the newer properties.Wisej 2.5
closed#2696 Add Desktop.TaskbarAlignment to align the items Left, Middle, Right similar to Windows 11.Wisej 2.5
closed#2695 Add Application.ClientId and Application.Clients to identify a specific client and get a list of all clients.Wisej 2.5
closed#2599 Add support for frozen rows to the DataGridView.Wisej 2.5
closed#2598 Merge the summary extension into the DataGridView control.Wisej 2.5
closed#2545 Add optional Edge preview for the ThemeBuilder.Wisej 2.5
closed#2492 Add optional Edge/Chrome renderer for the Wisej designer.Wisej 2.5
closed#2016 Support DataGridView.AutoSize.2.1.13
closed#1993 Add .print() function to PdfViewer controlwontfix
closed#1947 Add "Visible" to ScrollableControls2.0.40
closed#1926 Add automatic Label to TextBox, ComboBox, DateTimePicker, NumericUpDown, Listbox, DomainUpDown.2.1.13
closed#1920 Add Wisej.Web.TimeUpDown derived from UpDownBase.2.1.13
open#1919 Add time selector to DateTimePicker drop down.
closed#1872 Add feature to designer to register a theme in a different assembly.2.0.28


Recently added and closed enhancements. Limited to 30.
open#3114 Added missing IDropTarget interface3.1.8
open#3105 Add scrolling evets and properties to ListView.3.2.0
open#3103 Remove mustache.js from the qx.js library, gets flagged by some vulnerability scanners.3.1.8
closed#3096 DataGridView.TopLeftHeaderCell is not assignable.3.1.7
closed#3094 ToolBarButton with Style DropDownButton shows the split arrow button to the right when the ToolBar alignment is Underneath.3.1.7
closed#3091 Allow ToolBarButton set to PushButton to show the related DropDownMenu when clicked.3.1.7
closed#3086 Add IList implementation for ListView.SelectedIndexCollection and ListView.SelectedListViewItemCollection.3.1.7
closed#3082 Handled internal gdi+ exception causes a slow down in the designer in some cases.3.1.6
closed#3067 Enhance Control.Invoke() and Control.BeginInvoke() to restore the session if needed.3.1.6
closed#3066 Enhance ErrorProvider.ContainerControl to host the ErrorProvider's icon.3.1.6
closed#3063 Add components (IContainer) constructor to ContextMenu to facilitate disposal.3.1.5
closed#3062 Add dynamic property assignment to the Widget.Instance wrapper.3.1.5
closed#3058 Add support to read widget properties using await.3.1.5
closed#3051 ListView.ItemClick should update e.Clicks to two for a double click.
closed#3044 Enhance CheckedListBox.Text property to return the checked items separated by a comma to support Enum.Parse() for flags enumerations.3.1.4
closed#3043 Ctrl+A shortcut is not working with DataGridView3.1.4
closed#3038 Make Application.License information public3.1.4
closed#3036 Eliminated designer excessive redrawing and reflows.3.1.4
closed#3033 Performance improvement: Eliminate handled MissingManifestResourceException.3.1.4
closed#3026 Return multiple button status when multiple mouse buttons are pressed3.1.4
closed#3025 Indicate the button other than left for some mouse events (mousemove, mouseover, etc)3.1.4
closed#3018 Add ej2Base.License to apply Syncfusion EJ2 License key for CDN distributions.3.1.2
closed#3017 Allow configuration file for premium extensions in class library.
open#3016 Make ColorDialogUI public, now it´s internal
closed#2999 DataGridView : ColumnHeadersHeightSizeMode is not implemented3.0.14
closed#2997 BindingSource : Needs call ResetCurrentItem() when new items are added to a child detail ObservableCollection (csla model).3.0.14
closed#2995 Add ability to disable premium extensions configuration popup.
closed#2993 DataGridView.AutoSizeMode = AllCells should consider column filter icon3.0.14
closed#2990 ComboBox.SelectionChangeCommitted should only fire after the user changes the selected item in the dropdown.3.0.14
closed#2987 Add Upload.AllowFolders to upload directories.3.0.14