Go beyond plain HTML and CSS with Wisej.NET Theme System.

Powerful and Easy

Edit any aspect of a Wisej.NET theme – it’s a single, self-contained, readable JSON file. You can use the intuitive tree view or the code editor view to navigate to any component. There is no limit to the complexity of a Wisej.NET theme, and no limit to the themeable properties. Unlike plain CSS, Wisej.NET can theme anything, including custom properties and custom states.


All colors, fonts, and images are organized in their own section within the theme file. When you refer to a color, image or font using their name in the theme, you can change the original value to update the entire theme.

Pre-Built Themes

We provide several pre-built themes that you can use as a starting point. Our themes go from the modern Bootstrap and Material themes to the retro Vista theme.

Theme Live Apps

With the Wisej.NET Theme Builder you can inspect your live application and try different themes and theme settings live! It even lets you try different states for each component without having to simulate all aspects of the application.

Integrated Dev Tools

Wisej.NET Theme Builder is built for developers. Use the built-in development tools to inspect the application’s HTML and interact directly with the javascript objects representing the UI elements.

Custom Preview Script

Build your own customized preview script in pure JavaScript and load them in the Theme Builder. This amazing feature lets you try custom components or specific features not covered by the built-in previews.

Export/Import All Icons at Once

Wisej.NET Theme Builder is built for graphic designers. With the click of a button you can export all the icons used in the theme to a folder, replace the icons, and then re-import the entire folder with the new icons.