License FAQ

Ask and you shall be answered.

Can I use my Developer License on multiple machines?

No. Each Wisej Developer license can be activated on one machine only. If you would like to use Wisej at work and at home, you can obtain a free Wisej Developer Community edition for your home setup. If you have multiple machines at work, you will need several licenses.

What is the Server License?

You need 1 Server License for each web server instance.

What do you consider a "Server"?

A server is a web server instance, whether the web server is running on a virtual machine, on a local server, on the Cloud, self-hosted, embedded, or as a service. For example, an Azure Web Site instance is a server, an Amazon EC2 instance is a server.

How many applications/sites can I run on a Server?

Depends on the license level. See our license manual for detailed information.

Does the license expire?

No. Wisej licenses are perpetual. Only the free update period expires 1 year after the purchase of the license.

What is the "1 Year Free Updates" feature?

You will be able to use all new builds, updates, and releases for 1 year from the purchase date.

How much does it cost to renew a license?

Depends on the license level. See our license manual for detailed information.