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JavaScript widget libraries such as ExtJS, Qooxdoo, Dojo, Kendo, jQueryUI and others have changed that by providing rich client-side widgets that replace ASP.NET/MVC controls. Instead of assembling HTML on the server, these client-side frameworks manage the DOM and create sophisticated controls that behave like (usually better than) WebForms, WinForms, or WPF controls.

However, in a typical LOB app it’s not enough to have cool widgets. You need to execute complex and secure business logic manipulating data from different sources, and to interact with databases and/or external devices. The UI, business logic, reports, visual logic, documents, and databases are all connected in complex applications, with hundreds of components, often requiring challenging modal workflows.

Developers that build (or migrate) typical LOB apps on the web are left to work with text editors (the ASP.NET/MVC designer breaks down very quickly and has little resemblance to what is rendered in the browser).

Some JavaScript widget libraries provide tools to manage the widgets, but usually can’t code nor debug.
The learning curve is steep. Development is complex with several heterogeneous parts and tools. Browser/server communications, JavaScript logic and data binding, request handlers, state management, and server logic, are mixed with cumbersome syntax and limited frameworks.
Wisej.NET brings the integrated event-driven, component-based approach that we are used to for desktop/mobile native applications to the web. It provides a rich, virtually unlimited, library of browser/server real-time components designed to build web applications in a coherent environment. The learning curve is flat.

Business logic and visual logic run on the server interacting with each other. Client side JavaScript widgets are in live sync with the server through simple, optimized, JSON packets. The widget library does what it’s supposed to: render the UI in the browser. There is no mixing of concerns resulting in a clean, secure, and scalable development system.

Wisej.NET Rapid .NET Web Development - Features Flat Learning Curve




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