If you are web enabling a .NET application or creating a new one, we can help you achieve the impossible and save time and money in the process.


We offer several Wisej training courses online and onsite.

The training can be delivered in English or German on site or online. Samples and presentation are always in English and are customized to meet your requirements.

Automated UI Testing

Web UI Testing is a difficult and time-consuming task.

We can help you select the right tool, build automation scripts integrated with Wisej, convert screen recordings into automated tests and more.

UI Design

We are sure your application is beautiful on the inside…

We can help you make it look stunning on the outside as well, and with relatively little effort.
Send us a screen shot or two of your Wisej or Desktop application and let us show you what it can look like.

Custom Integrations

Do you need to use third party widgets in your Wisej application?

We can help you integrate just about anything: Open Source widgets, DevExpress, Telerik, Infragistics, jQuery, Syncfusion.
Whether it’s a super-duper grid, an X-ray DICOM viewer, a CAD editor, Wisej can use it as a client and as a server component.

Web Modernization

We can help you bring your desktop application to the cloud as a modern real-time web system, and save on Citrix.

Applications of any size and complexity, that would be impossible to move to the web with any other technology, can now become real-time web applications, and still optionally run as desktop apps.

Priority Support

Named support users can log and track issues directly using a private Wisej repository on GitHub.

We’ll provide rapid solutions or fixes, or workarounds, or patches, or alternative approaches as quickly as possible.
Issues must be related to Wisej and owned projects. Software companies that work on projects for third parties must open a Technology Partner subscription for the owner of the project in order to log issues related to third party projects.