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Extensions Overview

This short document outlines the different extension types, how to use the published projects, and how to build new extensions. Wisej was designed to be extensible and open to all sorts of technologies from the start. The extensions published on the web site are a fraction of what is possible and what will be available during the product’s lifetime.

Vaadin IconPack

636 cool and free icons from Vaadin. All the icons are in svg format, monochrome, and in a single assembly. Use it by adding the Wisej.Ext.VaadinIcons to the project references and select the icon using the image editor at design time. You can refer to the icons by code using VaadinIcons.[Icon Name].

DataGridView Summary Rows

Source code for the DataGridView Summary Rows extension. Adds new methods to the DataGridView control to automatically generate summary rows above, below, and as parents of data groups using several aggregation models.

Visual Studio IconPack

4,670 icons from the Visual Studio icon set. All the icons are in svg format and in a single assembly. Use it by adding the Wisej.Ext.VisualStudioIcons to the references and select the icon using the image editor at design time. The URL is resource.wx/Wisej.Ext.VisualStudioIcons/{icon-name}.

Responsive NavigationBar

Source code for a responsive NavigationBar control that is similar to the Bootstrap sidebar. Includes a top logo, a user information panel at the bottom, and nested items that can show a quick action icon and a text bubble to display additional information related to the item. To compile this extension you need Visual Studio 2017 or to install the latest C# compiler here.

Amazon S3 FileSystem

Source code for the Amazon S3 extension. Provides an additional file system provider that can be added to the Open File Dialog or Save File Dialog to browse and use files on the cloud.


Source code for the GoogleMaps extension. The new GoogleMap control lets you control Google Maps as a fully integrated server control. The control fires events back to the server and the server can affect any visual aspect of the map. See the Google Map example.


This amazing extension to Wisej adds full support for server-side scripting using either VBScript, JScript or the latest Google V8 JavaScript engine. Scripts can access any object or class in the application and can attach to events fired by Wisej controls. Refer to Microsoft’s ClearScript Reference for the ClearScript reference.


Source code for the Wisej.Web.Ext.ColumnFilter extender. With this component you can add row filtering to your DataGridViews. It includes 2 ready made FilterPanels.


Source code for the Wisej.Web.Ext.CustomWallpaper extender. This component enhances the Desktop, the MainPage or any Control control by rotating a list of custom images over the control’s background.

Panorama Viewer

Wisej implementation, with source code, of the Pannellum library. Pannellum is a lightweight, free, and open source panorama viewer for the web. There is a small demo here.


Implementation of the Html2Canvas library. It’s a Wisej component that can take a screenshot of a specific control or the entire browser and send the image back to the server.

RIbbonBar (V1)

First release of the RibbonBar extension. Adds a new extensive component to Wisej similar to the RibbonBar found in Windows applications. Check out the sample application here. Requires Wisej 1.4.59+.


Source code for the FullCalendar extension. It is an amazing full-size drag-n-drop event calendar. Supports multiple views, flexible events, custom styles, integrates with Google Calendars, and it’s completely integrated with Wisej.


The TourPanel extension adds a new component and template to Wisej. The TourPanel can create a customized tour of an existing application highlighting specific targets and displaying HTML Text in steps.


Source code for the OfficeViewer extension. This control uses Microsoft’s Office 365 Live Viewers to show Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents embedded in a Wisej application. You can view a file or a stream.


Source code for the AspNetControl wrapper. This control is a generic class capable of wrapping most ASP.NET controls using a very simple syntax. Read the included readme.pdf for the technical details on how to use it to create ASP.NET wrappers.


Source code for the SmoothieChart extension. It’s a cool JavaScript charting widget for streaming data in a scrolling chart.


CountUp.js is a dependency-free, lightweight JavaScript widget that can be used to quickly create animations that display numerical data in a more interesting way.

ElegantIcons IconPack

The complete ElegantIcons icon pack. All icons are packed as individual svg resources in a single assembly. Use it by adding the Wisej.Ext.ElegantIcons assembly to the references and select the icon using the image editor at design time. The URL is resource.wx/Wisej.Ext.ElegantIcons/{icon-name}.

Owin Self Hosting

Source code for the Wisej Host Service solution based on Owin/Katana. This extension allows you to self host any Wisej (and ASP.NET/MVC, WebForms) application as a single executable  (Windows service or process) or run it as a traditional desktop application (no internet required). Includes full support for Wisej Real Time WebSocket functionality.


Source code for the Wisej.Web.Ext.Notification component. Adds the new desktop notification feature to Wisej applications. With this component your web apps can pop notifications on the user’s desktop even when the browser is minimized.


Source code for the Wisej.Web.Ext.TinyMCE extension.  TinyMCE is (Tiny Moxiecode Content Editor) is a platform-independent, browser-based WYSIWYG editor control, written in JavaScript and released as open-source software under the LGPL by Ephox.


Source code for the Wisej.Web.Ext.CKEditor extension. CKEditor™ (formerly FCKeditor) is an open source WYSIWYG text editor designed to bring common word processor features directly to web pages, simplifying their content creation.


Source code for the Wisej.Web.Ext.PolymerWidget and Wisej.Web.Ext.PolymerComponent classes. The PolymerWidget and PolymerComponent can import most Web Components into a Wisej application. Use the Polymer Example to see how to create specialized Wisej classes.


Source code for the Wisej.Web.Ext.ChartJS extension component. Uses the excellent ChartJS widget to render amazing charts in real time. Please not that this extension is still under development and some advanced options are not yet available. Nevertheless, it’s quite an extension!


Source code for the Wisej.Ext.Geolocation extension. This component adds geolocation capabilities to the container it is dropped on. Provides methods to retrieve the current location of the client and raises events when the location changes.


Source code for the jSequence Diagram extension. This component turns text sequences into cool UML diagrams and detects clicks on any diagram element.


Source code for the TinyEditor extension. It is a simple, lightweight (under 9KB) and standalone JavaScript WYSIWYG editor. It handles most of the basic formatting and has some functionality built in to help keep the rendered markup as clean as possible.

ModernUI IconPack

The complete ModernUI icon pack – (1,259 icons!). All icons are packed as individual svg resources in a single assembly. Use it by adding the Wisej.Ext.ModernUI to the references and select the icon using the image editor at design time. The URL is resource.wx/Wisej.Ext.ModernUI /{icon-name}.

MaterialDesign IconPack

The complete MaterialDesign icon pack. All icons are packed as individual svg resources in a single assembly. Use it by adding the Wisej.Ext.MaterialDesign assembly to the references and select the icon using the image editor at design time. The URL is resource.wx/Wisej.Ext.MaterialDesign/{icon-name}.


Source code for the WebWorker component. This component adds client-side JavaScript workers to Wisej controls. It receives data sent by the worker using postMessage, it can terminate the worker, and can send data to the running worker.

FontAwesome IconPack

The complete FontAwesome icon pack. All icons are packed as individual svg resources in a single assembly. Use it by adding the Wisej.Ext.FontAwesome assembly to the references and select the icon using the image editor at design time. The URL is resource.wx/Wisej.Ext.FontAwesome/{icon-name}.


Source code for the Wisej.Web.Ext.CoolClock extension component. Uses the CoolClock widget to render amazing analog clocks as Wisej Real Time widgets. Supports several skins, logarithmic scale, and several properties to configure the tick delay or hide the second’s hand.


Source code for the Wisej.Web.Ext.jQueryKnob component. Uses the amazing jQueryKnob widget to create a Wisej Real Time dial control that allows the user to rotate the dial to change its value or to type the value in the middle editor. The component allows you to set the value, range, line style, colors and more.


Source code for the Wisej.Web.Ext.Speech extender. This extender component enhances all Wisej components by providing additional speech synthesis and recognition features that allow a component to speak it’s content – or any text provided in code – and to receive text coming from speech recognition.


Source code for the Wisej.Web.Ext.Bubbles extender. This extender component enhances all Wisej components by providing additional properties and a useful bubble notification functionality. Every widget can display a popup animated and themed bubble when a value changes.


Source code for the Wisej.Ext.Translation component. Adds language translation capabilities to any Wisej application. It uses Yandex, Google, Bing, or a custom defined provider (Google and Bing are not yet implemented – only Yandex is currently supported). The component accepts any text and fires an event on the server when the translation is completed.


Source code for the Wisej.Web.Ext.BingWallpaper extender. This component enhances the Desktop control by adding Bing’s daily stunning wallpaper images. You can set the rotation interval, fade duration and number of images.


Source code for the Wisej.Web.Ext.ProgressCircle component. This component is entirely implemented on the server side as a derived class of Wisej.Web.Canvas. It draws on a HTML5 canvas element on the client directly from the server in real time. The component lets you set value, line style and thickness, fill color, font, etc.


Source code for the Wisej.Web.Ext.Justgage extension component. Uses the cool JustGage  widget to render animated, nice and clean gauges. It is based on Raphaël library for vector drawing, so it’s completely resolution independent and self-adjusting. As a Wisej Real Time widget you can set several properties: value, label, colors, range and more.


Source code for the Wisej.Web.Ext.Barcode extension component. Uses ZXing.NET to generate Barcodes on the server and render them on the client. Supports: UPC-A, EAN-8, EAN-13, Code 39, Code 128, ITF, Codabar, Plessey, MSI, QR Code, PDF-417, Aztec, Data Matrix.