Wisej.NET Rapid .NET Web Development - Features Full Control Set

Wisej.NET takes care of loading and caching resources, bundling and minifying JavaScript and CSS files, managing sessions and communicating with load balancers.
Debug in Visual Studio, locally or remotely, and deploy anywhere: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Virtual Machines, Local Servers, Embedded Servers, and even local disconnected applications.

Use Visual Studio deployment wizard to create, deploy, or update an Azure Web Site, Web Role or Virtual Machine.

Wisej.NET apps can scale easily on multiple EC2 servers and are able to inform the load balancer when an instance is too busy to take on new sessions.

It’s easy to deploy on local or hosted servers using IIS Manager or a a simple FTP or XCOPY deployment. Wisej.NET apps are currently compatible with IIS, Cassini/UltiDev, NGINX and Apache.

With Wisej.NET Hybrid you can deploy your application for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android with one click.
Visual Studio will generate an offline executable for any platform you specify.
This feature is available with the source code.




30 days unlimited trial of the full feature set of Wisej. We’ll send you a single reminder when the trial is about to end.


Get the full set of controls and components, plus 1 year of free upgrades. Includes premium extensions and the full theme builder.


Includes the full set of controls, including premium extensions, the full theme builder, direct support, and bugfixes priority.