Wisej.NET Rapid .NET Web Development - Features Fast developments

It’s a highly specialized framework for Real Time Web Applications; it’s not a general purpose tool for web pages and web sites. Developers can focus on their projects and don’t worry about HTML, state management, backend services, callbacks, ajax panels, synchronization, DOM, CSS, JavaScript, security, authentication, concurrency…

Visual Studio will create the project template and open the first window in design mode. You can select one of several project templates and add new project items such as pages, custom controls, desktop controls, extensions, etc.

Choose from dozens of components and add-ons, including extenders that add rotation, animation, speech recognition & synthesis, tooltips & helptips capabilities to other components.

Double click on a component and add C#/VB.NET code that interacts with the browser in real time. It can even draw and paint directly on the browser using HTML5 canvas instructions or plain drawing instructions!

Drop in more components using the pixel-perfect designer, connect to data sources, attach events, create multiple pages and windows, build custom composite controls, drop in third party JavaScript widgets and hit run.




30 days unlimited trial of the full feature set of Wisej. We’ll send you a single reminder when the trial is about to end.


Get the full set of controls and components, plus 1 year of free upgrades. Includes premium extensions and the full theme builder.


Includes the full set of controls, including premium extensions, the full theme builder, direct support, and bugfixes priority.