Wisej 2.1

The new DataRepeater container is a sort of a custom data grid. Instead of rows it repeats a template panel containing child controls in any layout. Child controls are automatically data-bound to the current record.

Enhanced Controls
Automatic labels for all editors, Shape control, TimeUpDown control, Prefetch for virtual scrolling controls, TabOrderManager and more.

All static events in Wisej are weak delegate to prevent accidental memory leaks and automatically release abandonded listeners.

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Wisej 2.2

Virtual Grid Rows
Virtual rows will reduce the memory usage of a typical DataGridView by up to 80%.

PWA Integration
The Progressive Web Application integration allows a Wisej app to load faster, control the content shown when offline, and create offline JavaScript code.

iOS and Android (for Technology Partners)
The new Native packages for iOS and Android allow a Wisej app to interact with the native device and native navigation controls. Mobile native integration will also be offered as part of our Professional Services.

Premium Integrations
Near complete integration packages for all major component vendors: Syncfusion JS1 and JS2, DevExpress DevExtreme, Telerik KendoUI, ComponentOne Wijmo. The integrations will be released gradually with the source code as an ongoing project.

Wisej 2.5

Frozen Rows
DataGridView will support frozen rows, including merging cells and styling.

Row Summary and Grouping

The DataGridViewSummary extension will be included in the DataGridView class giving it a powerful summary and grouping functionality.

Parallel Designer Renderers

The designer will be able to use multiple renderers in parallel and to use the new Edge/Chrome HTML rendering engine. Also the ThemeBuilder will include an option to use Edge/Chrome for the preview windows, including the dev tools debugging window.

X# (XBase) and COBOL 

We'll include application templates and tutorial on how to use Wisej with X# (XBase code) and COBOL in .NET.

More Features

Most of the experimental features will be included and supported.

Wisej 3

Linux & MacOS
Wisej 3 will support .NET 5 on Windows, Linux and MacOS. You will be able to deploy your Wisej applications on virtually any OS with .NET 5 support.

Application Templates
Collection of application templates including: Mobile Pages, Navigation Bar, Desktop Style, and more.

More Features
We'll add more features as we select them for Wisej 3.

Wisej 4

New Visual Studio Designer
Brand new, super-fast, Chrome-based designer in Visual Studio. Supports high GDI, zooming and much more.

Runtime Form Designer
New Wisej component to allow an application to build and edit forms and pages, including adding server-side JavaScript based on Chrome V8 engine.

iOS and Android (for Technology Partners)
Option to run Wisej entirely on the device without a connection.

More Features
We'll be adding and updating more features as they are selected.