Wisej.NET Rapid .NET Web Development - Features Open and Integrated

Client side widgets have to interact with the backend, fire events that have to be routed and handled, and fit in the UI. Wisej.NET integrates just about any widget and presents a consistent component/event model to the developer. It takes care of loading, optimizing, initializing, routing, styling, and managing the widgets as server-side components and client-side widgets.

With little effort, usually as little as adding the source of the packages and some JavaScript initialization code, Wisej.NET integrates third party widgets in the designer, the server/browser communication model, and the theme system.

Wisej.NET - Rapid .NET Web Development

Instead of trying to rebuild charting libraries, treemaps, dashboards, knobs, editors, etc. we use the best component for the job in a fully integrated and consistent framework.

Integrated widgets are much (much!) easier to use. Ever tried to use – really use: handle events, update the state, connect to server code – polymer widgets in a web application? With Wisej.NET it’s as easy as dragging the component to the page, set the properties and attach the events.

The same goes for other browser features: Speech Synthesis, Speech Recognition, and Geolocation are other examples of Wisej.NET integration.

It’s easy to start with some JavaScript lines, but in a real app you have to react to events and put the recognized text in a control, or take some action on the server on speech or GPS events..

With Wisej.NET all those technologies are integrated as extenders: drop the Speech Recognition component on a page and all the components on the page can now react on speech events from the browser; drop the Geolocation extender and receive events on the server; drop the Speech Synthesis component on a page to add speech capabilities to all the controls on the page.

But what if you can’t find the widget you need? Or what if you need a highly vertical control that simply doesn’t exist in the web world? An example could be a live data mapping widget that shows in real time the performance of an assembly-line machine, or a live ticker that displays data streaming in from a secure server behind a strict company firewall.

You can drop in more components using the pixel-perfect designer, connect to data sources, attach events, create multiple pages and windows, build custom composite controls, drop in third party JavaScript widgets and hit run.

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