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How to Build and Run a Wisej.NET Hybrid Project on MacOS

Learn how to build and run local Wisej.NET Hybrid applications on macOS. You must have Visual Studio Code for mac and the C# / MAUI extensions installed.


Creating a Wisej.NET application from scratch – Modal Dialogs

We have received a few questions lately about how to start developing a new Wisej.NET application so I decided to make a video of the process that covers used libraries, an application template and a demo of how to develop forms and dialogs with DataGridView and entry fields.


Wisej.NET 3.5 and Wisej.NET Hybrid Release Event

Live recording of the release event for Wisej.NET 3.5 and Wisej.NET Hybrid, including a Keynote by Dino Esposito and a Case Study from Amtech Software


Accelerate Mobile Development with Wisej.NET Hybrid

Levie Rufenacht introduces Wisej.NET & Wisej.NET Hybrid as part of fecher’s 2023 webinar series.


Migration from a Windows Forms app to a web-based solution based on Wisej.NET (in German)

Thomas Althammer describes the migration process from Windows Desktop to Web using Wisej.NET.

Learn Wisej.NET: Label and LinkLabel

This is part 2 of Joe’s series of Wisej.NET controls. In this video he demonstrates the power and flexibility of the Label and the LinkLabel controls.

Learn Wisej.NET: Let’s Play the Accordion

The Accordion control is an alternative to the TabControl. In this video Joe introduces the Accordion control and shows some of the commonly used properties.

Building MDI Apps on the Web with Wisej.NET – Part 1

Joe shows how to create an MDI project, add a child form and have context menus on the MDI tabs.

Building MDI Apps on the Web with Wisej.NET – Part 2

Writing an MDI app that runs in the browser is as easy as it gets with Wisej.NET. Joe already showed how to create an MDI project in his previous video.

Building MDI Apps on the Web with Wisej.NET – Part 3

This video continues the MDI series. Joe adds a RibbonBar component to the MDI window and handles enabling/disabling of ribbon buttons dependent on the active mdi child.

Using the ModifiedChanged Event in Wisej.NET

You want to enable the [SAVE] button as soon as the user types his first character?

Building a Snake Game using Wisej.NET

In this video Joe shows a little sample game called Snake that demonstrates how to draw images in a Wisej.NET PictureBox control.

Building a Tic-Tac-Toe Game using Wisej.NET

In this video Joe shows a little sample game called TicTacToe. It runs in the browser and is entirely written using C# and Wisej.NET.

Installing Wisej.NET for Visual Studio

In this video, Charlie shows us how to install Wisej.NET using the new Visual Studio installer. He takes a look at the project setup and how to create a background task in Wisej.NET.

Using the NavigationBar in Wisej.NET

Joe explores the properties and possibilities of Wisej’s NavigationBar extension. Wisej is a framework building enterprise-level ASP.NET Core applications using C# or VB.NET.

SQL Tools for Web with Wisej

In this video Joe shows a neat tool built with Wisej that can generate SQL statements out of a SQL Server database schema. As a bonus, the application also generates model classes from the database tables.

SQL Database Access in Wisej using Dapper

In this video Joe shows a small sample to demonstrate how to access a SQL Server Database using Dapper.

Wisej Mobile Registering an Endpoint and Integrating a Document Scanner

Learn how to register an endpoint in the Wisej Mobile Portal and integrate a document scanner into a Wisej application.

WinForms to Web

Migrate impossible Winforms applications to real HTML5 web applications in minutes! Don’t try this at home using Blazor. 🙂

Build Mobile Apps in Wisej C# without Xamarin or Maui

Wisej Mobile provides a solution for developers looking to build beautiful hybrid applications in C# without using Xamarin or .NET Maui.

Customizing DataGridView Cell Styles in Wisej

Learn how to customize the DataGridView control and in Wisej.

Web DataBinding in Wisej

Learn how to implement INotifyPropertyChanged to alert of property changes in your Wisej application.

Configuring Wisej Web Applications

A Wisej solution contains standard web project files such as Default.html, Default.json and favicon.ico.

Web RibbonBar in Wisej

Wisej comes with a ton of powerful extensions. In this video, Joe explains how to use one of them, the RibbonBar control.

Web DataGridView for Wisej

Joe explains how to use the DataGridView in Wisej. The DataGridView control provides a customizable table for displaying data.

Web-Enabling – Zielsicher vom Desktop ins Web und auf das Mobile Device (in German)

Jens Eidinger speaks about Migration from WinForms to Web using Wisej during the BASTA! 2021 Fall Conference in Mainz, Germany.

Geschäftsanwendungen für Web und Mobileohne JavaScript? Rapid Web Developmentmit C# und Wisej (in German)

Thomas Althammer speaks at the Fall 2021 BASTA! Software Development Conference in Mainz, Germany about Wisej.

Unreal Web Development

Discover the endless possibilities of unreal web development.

Live Theme Builder

Being able to edit a theme live on your application is a powerful feature of the Wisej Theme Builder. You can see in real time what your artistic skills looks like on your real application.

Hello, World

From a simple “Hello, World!” app to the most complex business web application, Wisej makes it easy so you can focus on what matters instead of fighting with weird syntax and disconnected frameworks.

Tools Everywhere

The flexibility of the Wisej tools system is unparalleled. You can add small action icons to most controls, in different positions and alignments and with advanced behaviors.

Responsive Properties

Responsive profiles and properties are unique to Wisej. You can assign a different value to the same property for each profile. Wisej will switch the values when a profile matches the user’s browser or device.