Technology Partners receive priority support, bulk prices, bulk license keys, and optional access to the full Wisej.NET source code on GitHub.

  Price (per year)
Wisej.NET TP Base Fee $2,750
Wisej.NET TP Developer License $1,190
3+ Developer Licenses $790
5+ Developer Licenses $690
10+ Developer Licenses $590
Wisej.NET TP Server License $350
Wisej.NET TP Hybrid License from $990
Wisej.NET TP Hybrid Managed App $1,750
Wisej.NET TP Source Code Option $7,900
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The Wisej.NET license model covers different scenarios and requirements. But it may not be the optimal choice for all situations. The Wisej.NET Technology Partner program was created to specifically serve customers in the following areas:
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISV) with the requirement to embed or resell Wisej.NET licenses;
  • Enterprise customers with mission-critical applications that are looking for priority support, advisory services and additional safeguards to address external requirements;
  • Organizations looking for professional services, access to the Wisej.NET source code, or that want to embrace into a technical partnership, for example to build apps based on embedded versions of the Wisej.NET Server technology.

Technology Partner Extensions

Wisej.NET comes with a huge set of controls and extensions available to all editions of Wisej.NET Developer.

There are a number of extensions exclusively available for Technology Partners. All Wisej.NET Premium Extensions (i.e. integrations with DevExtreme, Syncfusion) are also part of the Technology Partner program.

Early Access to New Releases

Technology Partners get preferred access to new features and releases of Wisej.NET.

Before starting a public beta, we usually invite our Technology Partner customers to evaluate and provide feedback on updated versions of Wisej.NET, directly in contact with our core development team.

Source Code Access

Access to the full source code of Wisej.NET for internal purposes is available exclusively to Technology Partners for USD $7,900/year.

It is required to sign a separate NDA in order to get access.

Priority Support and Private Repository

Named support users can log and track issues directly using a private Wisej.NET repository on GitHub. We provide rapid solutions, workarounds, patches, or alternative approaches as quickly as possible to Technology Partners. Issues must be related to Wisej.NET and owned projects. Software companies that work on projects for a third party must open a Technology Partner subscription for the owner of the project in order to log issues related to third party projects.

Advisory Services

Technology Partners benefit from a close collaboration with our Wisej.NET core team.

Get access to tips & tricks, engage us to support you with mentoring and advisory services on application architectures or modernization efforts.

Technology Partner requests are handled with priority. Services outside our support offering are billed based on time & material.

Single Key Deployments

Technology Partners receive single bulk keys at lower prices and add or remove licenses on demand.

Added licenses are billed for the prorated amount to the end of the current renewal period. Removed licenses are excluded from the renewal cost at the start of the renewal period.

Bulk License Prices

Technology Partners benefit from lower license costs compared to the Wisej.NET standard licensing plan.

All licenses are perpetual and include 1 year of free updates. Current license usage is reported on a quarterly basis following a pay-per-use model.

Reseller Discounts

Technology Partner acting as resellers receive larger reseller discounts.

Please refer to the Reseller Program datasheet or contact Reseller discounts are not applicable to own purchases.

Source Code Privileges

There is a free built-in escrow privilege for Technology Partners.

In case of bankruptcy or inability to maintain Wisej.NET, Technology Partners will get access to the full source code for internal purposes in order to maintain their applications built upon the Wisej.NET technology stack.

Priority Bugfixes Warranty

Bugs with a reproducible test case will be moved to the front of the queue and addressed in the next possible build. To make sure your issues get resolved as quick as possible, we will also provide a workaround, if possible.