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Wisej.NET Hybrid Starter free
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Wisej.NET Hybrid for Technology Partners from $990
Full feature set, unlimited deployment – per year
Wisej.NET Hybrid Managed Deployment per App & Platform ask
White-label build & deployment services for major App Stores – per year
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Source Code

The full source code is available as an additional option to Technology Partners.

Source Code Access

When you add the Source Code option to the Technology Partner account you will get direct access to our live Wisej.NET source code in GitHub. You can watch it for changes or fork it to apply your changes.

Additional Options

Technology Partners

Become a Technology Partner to receive premium support, single key deployments, optional source code access and additional benefits.

Desktop & Embedded Servers

Wisej.NET applications can be deployed to desktop computers, self-hosted services, and embedded devices.

Wisej.NET Hybrid for iOS and Android

Deploy your Wisej.NET app to mobile devices and interact with local hardware interfaces using plain C# or VB.NET!

Line of Business Apps

Wisej.NET follows the real time web application paradigm, realizing single-page applications (SPA) of any complexity only using C# or VB.NET on ASP.NET Core.


Build web applications of any complexity, but keep the hardware resources low. Wisej.NET scales to thousands of users on small web servers.

Load Balancing

Wanting to support more users? Wisej.NET works very well with all major load balancers such as Nginx, Haproxy, ELB, ARR, and more.

Session Management

Session management at its best – benefit from a truly reliable user experienced. Even when refreshing the browser or navigating back and forth, the state is maintained automatically.

Full Control Set

Wisej.NET always includes a large set of built-in controls and components. You can also use most third party JavaScript widgets from major vendors or free open source controls.

Efficient & Fast

Wisej.NET has been optimized from the start to be efficient and super fast. It only exchanges small JSON packets with the browser and leaves the UI rendering to fast JavaScript controls entirely on the client.

Security & GDPR compliance

Staying compliant and safe has been a core aspect in the Wisej.NET architecture – with security by design from the ground up.

Pixel-perfect Designer

Unbeaten development experience using the WYSIWYG designer. Benefit from extreme productivity!

Theme Builder

Build customized, beautiful, responsive themes for your Wisej.NET application using the best theme builder in this space.