Leading Claim and Insurance Management Solution built with Wisej.NET

CMC Network Helps DHL, Deutsche Bahn (German Railway), Allianz and other Top 500 Organizations to Optimize Risk, Claim, and Insurance Processes

When you manage thousands of buildings, vehicles and other logistics infrastructure, things can go wrong. Your vehicles get into an accident, there is a water leak in an office building, or a truck gets damaged during loading. These things happen and you need to have processes in place to manage assets and handle claims.

Working Closely With Leading Insurance and Logistics Companies

Munich-based CMC Network GmbH has developed a software suite for insurance processes and claims management. Serving some of Europe’s largest organizations, the team led by CEO Markus Gschwendtner focuses on insurance processing for the enterprise market.

Founded in 1997, the company has found its niche in the transportation and insurance industries. More than 1,000 claims handlers connect to CMC’s software suite every day, to handle mission-critical risk and claims processes. Customers include the who’s who of the German logistics industry, such as Deutsche Post, DHL, Duvenbeck, MediaMarkt/Saturn and DB Schenker as well as insurance and risk companies such as Allianz and Willis Towers Watson.

Ice Tea Group is a strong and reliable partner that has enabled us to deliver competitive solutions based on a modern technology stack, while allowing us to focus on our core competencies – building great software for the logistics and insurance market.

Markus Gschwendtner
(CEO), CMC Network GmbH

Cloud-based Solution

Originally developed for the Windows platform, CMC has continuously adapted its software suite to technological changes. As a .NET based solution, the move to Wisej.NET seemed easy.

Markus Gschwendtner explains: “We wanted to ensure that a future technology stack could meet our specific requirements, leverage our C# and .NET skills on the server side, and provide the best possible fit with our DevOps procedures.”

After extensive market research and professional recommendations for Wisej.NET, the team was happy to choose Wisej.NET.
But the path wasn’t clear from the start: The team was tempted to use some of the other popular development frameworks like Angular, Vue.js, React, and the like. These frameworks seemed to have larger communities and richer libraries. But these free options come at a cost: Switching to one of these frameworks would have required a lot more time and effort to bring CMC’s claim management suite to the web and cloud. Markus continues: “The productivity, feature set, and programming model led us to choose Wisej.NET over other JS frameworks, using C# and .NET on the server side.”.

Competitiveness is Key

In addition to the technical aspects of Wisej.NET, the team at CMC describes a very positive experience with the consulting and support teams at Ice Tea Group, the company behind Wisej.NET.
“We enjoy a close partnership with Ice Tea Group. Their support and consulting services are simply excellent!” Markus appreciates the fast and effective solutions to any questions or problems. “It fits our needs perfectly and they are always there when we need them.” Another aspect is the active development of Wisej.NET. As a member of the Wisej.NET Technology Partner program, CMC has access to the latest features and preview releases. The framework is constantly updated and enhanced to meet latest web standards and best practices. “Wisej.NET helps us stay competitive and allows us to focus on the business needs of our industry. Compared to other frameworks that cover only a fraction of the entire technology stack, we benefit from an integrated ecosystem that’s perfectly suited to our needs.”

Time-to-market, Extensibility, and Focus on Business Requirements

As a result, the team at CMC is able to develop powerful line-of-business applications of any complexity. “The performance and the developer/user experience, thanks to the single-page application concept of Wisej.NET, is just perfect for our needs.”

In summary, the team identified three aspects that are key to their experience:

  1. Time to market: Thanks to Wisej.NET, with its intuitive API and development environment, the team is able to “develop and deploy application features faster than ever before.” Wisej.NET has given CMC a competitive advantage.
  2. Extensibility: Wisej.NET-based applications are easy to extend. “Thanks to the modular architecture and focus on line-of-business applications, we can easily extend and enhance our products to respond to market needs.” says Markus.
  3. User experience: Claim management involves complex cases. Wisej.NET provided the mechanics to design a rich, yet intuitive, user interface that’s appreciated by CMC’s customers. “This would have been much more difficult to achieve with traditional web technologies.”

Results Achieved

  • Successful Cloud migration of a Windows-based application
  • Market-leading logistics and insurance management solution
  • Fast time to market
  • Great extensibility
  • User Experience
  • High developer productivity

About CMC Network GmbH

CMC Network GmbH is one of the leading providers for claim management software in the insurance and logistics industries.

The team is based in Freising (Bavaria), Germany. Founded in 1997, the company serves customers such as Allianz, DB Schenker, Deutsche Post, DHL, MediaMarktSaturn and others.


About Ice Tea Group

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