Wisej Helps Take the Financial Sector to the Web

Wisej is used to modernize desktop applications for investment banks, resource managers, and brokers.

Change is hard, especially when it comes to technology. Marcelo Blank of Blank Sistemas knows this well.
Working with clients in the Financial Sector, they expect a certain degree of familiarity, reliability, and simplicity in their applications. Introducing a new web technology or platform with a significant learn curve could pose a risk to the profitability of the company. Blank’s discovery of Wisej came as a welcome relief to his search for a reliable platform.

Core Benefits of Wisej

Providing a secure and reliable platform for web developers has always been a top priority for Wisej. “The evolutions in the product are real, you see difference. The delivery of products to customers is fast, easy to configure, and very important, safe. The best thing about working with WiseJ is that we can predict the outcome.”

Blank Sistemas released two products built with Wisej. The first, AssetTools, is a platform for managing portfolios. The second, LGPDTools, works to make sure companies comply with the General Brazilian Data Protection Law (LGPD).

Starting from scratch with a completely new web technology can be a long and expensive process. Blank talked about his experience with the transition from desktop to web, “Our products have been developed in Windows Forms and have been evolving for years. The screens and operational flow were adjusted and calibrated for a quick response from managers in relation to the Market. A change to a single page application web application would result in a huge risk, as it would depend on an evaluation and acceptance of users, already accustomed to our Systems standard.”.
When a company deals with real-time data, their success depends on the software they use. Wisej was deemed the ideal solution for support, ease of use, and security for Blank’s clients.

These concerns about transitioning from desktop to web were alleviated when he discovered what Wisej could do with WinForms apps “We had to find a tool that would make it possible for us to go to the web, but maintain the standards developed. WiseJ surprised us, because the first results of a prototype we were developing turned [into a] beta test and soon went into production. From that moment on we decided that our front-end technology was chosen.”.
Blank was able to give his clients a refreshed and modern web application with a familiar look in a very reasonable timeframe.

Results Achieved

  • Small learning curve from WinForms to Wisej
  • Easy integration with other web technologies
  • Deployment of two applications supporting more than 70 active users

About Blank Sistemas

Blank Sistemas is an IT consultation and development firm based in São Paulo, Brazil.
They specialize in developing applications in investment fund management, simulations of investment scenarios, product allocation, risks, and compliance.

With over 30 years of experience and more than 250 projects under their belt, they have worked on systems that manage more than $6 billion USD in assets.

About Ice Tea Group

Ice Tea Group LLC, located in Washington DC, is a worldwide specialist for enterprise application modernization and business web frameworks. We help developers and organizations stay competitive. Our mission is to strengthen and increase the value of enterprise-scale software assets by providing modernization paths throughout technology changes.

Since 1998, our services and frameworks have been used by more than 600 companies, in 4,800+ applications, over 50 countries. Some of our clients are: Fujitsu, Goodyear, Xerox, Skanska, Volvo, Merck, GE Healthcare, IFS, Air New Zealand, CBS, SAGE, Ericsson, Siemens, ASFINAG, Markel, Ameriprise, Europ Assistance.
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