Wisej Enables Web Migration of Amtech’s ERP System

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Amtech Relies on Wisej to Deliver Web-based ERP for the Corrugated and Folding Carton Industry.

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Amtech is the leading worldwide provider of software and hardware solutions for the corrugated manufacturing industry serving more than 600 manufacturing plants worldwide.

The Imaginera software suite has been developed and deployed as an on-premise client/server solution originally built with Gupta Team Developer 4GL. With a complete suite of modules, multilingual and enterprise solutions, Amtech was looking for a web migration option to support the technology needs of its customers in a fast growing and ever-changing industry.

Moving to the web with business requirements in mind

Mark Handzlik, Amtech Chief Development Officer explains: “From the start, our goals for the next generation of our market leading Imaginera ERP software have always been ambitious. We wanted our users to be able to work with our software anyplace, at any time, on any device.”

Amtech was looking for a combined porting and web-enabling approach and finally found the ideal solution. Using Wisej for the development environment and base technology along with the consulting experience of Washington-based fecher LLC, the Imaginera application was migrated to a web solution based on .NET and Wisej.

Web migration with UI/UX optimizations

Fecher helped porting 2.4 million code items (roughly the equivalent of 12 million lines of code) 880 screens with 1,250 dialogs and 800 reports to a web-native HTML5 frontend ready to deploy to Amtech’s customers. The new application, now named “EnCore”, is fully compatible and can be deployed to existing Imaginera installations, while at the same time providing a much-improved user experience & technology.

The project started with an automated Gupta to .NET porting of the Imaginera ERP, consisting of more than 110 individual applications. Then in subsequent project stages, fecher’s team consolidated all the modules, moved the application to the web, performed an extensive redesign of the user interface, and added thousands of man-hours of new features.

As a result, the new EnCore software is now a state-of-the-art web application technology and all of the functions of the previous software have been preserved. As it’s a browser-based solution, now it can run on virtually any hardware with a browser, it can be managed centrally and its consolidated UI provided a much-improved user experience. A new client portal now makes seamless supply chain management possible – from the order to production all the way to delivery.

“Our new software also provides an ideal foundation for future customer self-service apps that will enable our users and their customers to save even more time and money.” Handzlik is pleased to report.

Business continuity was key

“In application modernization, it is critical to ensure 100% continuity despite the switch to a new generation of software” explains Günter Hofmann, fecher CEO. “This applies equally to the users of a business-critical ERP system as well as the Amtech development team that will later go on to maintain and improve the application. This is the key benefit to using our tool-based migration approach.”

“We partnered with fecher on this critical project as they had proven to be a highly professional partner that tackled all of our special requirements and implemented them to our satisfaction. Now have a brand new product that gives our current and future clients everything they want.”, says Amtech’s Chief Development Officer Mark Handzlink, summarizing his experience.

Results Achieved

  • Successful web migration of the industry-leading ERP for packaging
  • UI/UX improvements and cross-browser/cross-device support
  • Easy upgrade approach for existing software installations
  • Flat learning curve of Amtech’s development team

About Amtech Software

Amtech is the leading worldwide provider of software and hardware solutions for the corrugated manufacturing industry. Established in 1981, Amtech has been at the forefront of the industry, offering tailored solutions, while assisting manufacturers in achieving operational excellence in key business areas including plant management, production planning, supply chain, and sales and customer service.
Today, Amtech is the backbone of more than 600 manufacturing plants and is proud to offer a business system that is both innovative and comprehensive. With a complete suite of modules, multilingual and enterprise solutions, Amtech has the technology that businesses need to remain competitive in an ever-changing industry.


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