South-American Film Industry Relies on Wisej.NET

Wisej.NET Rapid .NET Web Development - Case Study OffiSys Sistemas - ProFilme.NET
Wisej.NET Rapid .NET Web Development - Case Study OffiSys Sistemas

Brazilian based OffiSys Sistemas migrates its ProFilme.NET application to a native browser-based solution.

Wisej.NET Rapid .NET Web Development - Case Study OffiSys Sistemas - ProFilme.NET

Ivan George Borges has been working as a software developer for the entertainment and advertising industry for more than 30 years. He chose Wisej.NET to migrate ProFilme.NET from a Windows Desktop-based solution to a native web-based application that is fully based on open standards.

Long Track Record and a Large Customer Base

“It all started with FoxPro for Windows, then Visual FoxPro, .NET/VB.NET/SQL Server WinForms and now a .NET/C#/SQL Server web application, fully based on Wisej.NET” explains Borges. The main focus has always been on business requirements to help OffiSys’ customers stay competitive in changing market conditions.

Some time back, still having the whole code base on the WinForms platform, Ivan Borges and his team had to implement new features which would only fit well with a web-based application. After browsing around and hearing feedback from other developers in technical forums, Borges came across Wisej.NET and immediately saw its potential as a framework to take the step to a native browser-based solution.

Wisej.NET Rapid .NET Web Development - Case Study OffiSys Sistemas - ProFilme.NET

Web Migration with Quick Turnaround

The Wisej.NET framework allows OffiSys to harness the experience and long-term background, not having to deal with the complexities of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other technologies directly. He explains: “Even at an early stage of the migration, we were already able to launch the new version with the first few features available. […] The idea is to completely replace the old application and offer the Wisej.NET based app to all our users, which will target around 800 concurrent users”.

Wisej.NET Rapid .NET Web Development - Case Study OffiSys Sistemas - ProFilme.NET

How do you bridge the gap from a monolithic Desktop application to a platform-independent solution in the browser? Borges has enjoyed using Wisej.NET from day one. “Being around for nearly 37 years in the application development industry, I have dealt with many (more than I would like) companies and tools and forums and pains. It has been a pleasant surprise to work with the team behind Wisej.NET”.

Audiovisual producers have to adapt to new market requirements. Delivering features in time and keeping them competitive is key: “Using Wisej.NET, we deliver top notch business applications with lightning speed”.

A Reliable Framework for Business Applications

Borges describes that it was helpful to work in an environment close to what his team was comfortable with, mostly the use of C# for application development. Wisej.NET includes a graphical UI designer, a huge part of the existing code could be reused, and the running product results were a lot better, looking beautiful and smooth – compared to the WinForms version of the app.
Support was another crucial aspect for his decision to go with Wisej.NET: “It is very important to have someone ready to listen to you while you are going through unknown waters. The support crew takes this seriously!”, explains Borges. And he continues: “Wisej.NET is offered at an affordable price and with a clear licensing model. For small shops like mine, this is an essential aspect for a business relationship”.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

When asked about his most-loved feature in Wisej.NET, Borges points out the big picture: “We recommend looking at solid technology stacks that allow developers to focus on what really matters: Results.”.
On a detailed level, the team at OffiSys was particularly interested in integrating external JavaScript controls from different component vendors, such as DevExpress.
“Wiring them all together with ease and deploying them to wherever needed is essential. Flexibility is a key factor for us and Wisej.NET helped us reach this goal.”.

Deciding for a development framework is a tough decision. Borges emphasizes the advantage of having professional services available when needed: “So far, we have been experiencing a great commercial and friendly relationship with Ice Tea Group, the makers of Wisej.NET. They offer different services and support is available at different levels.

Arguments are heard and usually accepted, even when we make odd requests. They have gathered a nice group of people which seems to take their users as their most important asset.”.

Results Achieved

  • Easy migration and modernization process for business applications with a long track record
  • Upgrade path from Visual FoxPro and Windows Forms
  • High productivity with a low learning curve
  • Deep integration with DevExpress JavaScript controls
  • Flexible and extensible thanks to Wisej.NET’s open architecture.

About OffiSys Sistemas

Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, OffiSys Sistemas is a longtime partner for the film industry and audiovisual producers. Their flagship product, ProFilme.NET, has evolved over the years, keeping it aligned and up to date with the technical evolution.
Today, OffiSys Sistemas is a Cloud Solution Provider for Microsoft and has experience working with customers in other industries as well. The team behind Ivan Borges has developed software for fumigation companies, the hospital industry, schools, equipment rental, and multinationals.

About Ice Tea Group

Ice Tea Group LLC, located in Washington DC, is a worldwide specialist for enterprise application modernization and business web frameworks. We help developers and organizations stay competitive. Our mission is to strengthen and increase the value of enterprise-scale software assets by providing modernization paths throughout technology changes.

Since 1998, our services and frameworks have been used by more than 600 companies, in 4,800+ applications, over 50 countries. Some of our clients are: Fujitsu, Goodyear, Xerox, Skanska, Volvo, Merck, GE Healthcare, IFS, Air New Zealand, CBS, SAGE, Ericsson, Siemens, ASFINAG, Markel, Ameriprise, Europ Assistance.
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