Wisej Powers Smart Home and Document Management Software

Sophisticated Logic (S-Logic) uses Wisej to develop Smart Home and document management software, managing over 16 million documents for clients.

S-Logic‘s sister company, ImageStoreHouse, decided it was time for an upgrade on an old Java Server Pages (JSP) application. Seeing how Visual Web GUI wasn’t a sustainable option anymore, they did some research and discovered Wisej. “We came from VisualWebGui and had about 12 applications we created and still support for various customers. We felt VisualWebGui was the way to go for LOB applications and migrated over to Wisej. Of course Wisej is light years ahead of where VisualWebGui left off- which brings us to even more possibilities.” Wisej had everything they were looking for and more in a web framework.

Core Benefits of Wisej: “Old School Debugging”: Full Stack Development Environment

Wisej’s familiar debugging in Visual Studio was a warm welcome to S-Logic’s development team. When asked what their favorite thing about Wisej is, S-Logic didn’t hesitate, “The best thing about it is -well -we can create just about any web/browser-based application with just one tool, Visual Studio.”

Set your breakpoints anywhere in the code. Use Visual Studio to debug server-side C# / VB code and the browser’s developer console to debug client-side JavaScript code. The client and server components are always kept in sync, allowing for a consistent workflow throughout the application.

Simpler than “TAngular”

When working with Angular, developers know the struggle it can be to build applications with complex forms. “I’ve been on several Angular projects and we code named it ‘Tangular’ because of the complexity of debugging and design”.
Wisej uses a powerful theming system that allows each control to have a custom look and feel without touching HTML or CSS. The theming system works in real-time in the browser, so it’s easy to test theme changes to applications running in production. The Pixel-Perfect WYSIWIG Designer in Visual Studio makes it easy to add hundreds of controls to a form and wire the events to the appropriate C# or VB.NET handlers.

Results Achieved

  • Simple Design and Debugging
  • Rapid Development and Prototyping
  • Powerful Full-Stack Development Environment

About S-Logic

S-Logic is an IT Consulting group based in Jacksonville, Florida. Since 1997, S-Logic has been providing technology solutions for major corporations worldwide. They leverage their “big business” know how, helping small companies make smart IT choices and drive their business forward.
S-Logic offers a range of services from web, desktop, and embedded systems programming to different network services and home automation.

About Ice Tea Group

Ice Tea Group LLC, located in Washington DC, is a worldwide specialist for enterprise application modernization and business web frameworks. We help developers and organizations stay competitive. Our mission is to strengthen and increase the value of enterprise-scale software assets by providing modernization paths throughout technology changes.

Since 1998, our services and frameworks have been used by more than 600 companies, in 4,800+ applications, over 50 countries. Some of our clients are: Fujitsu, Goodyear, Xerox, Skanska, Volvo, Merck, GE Healthcare, IFS, Air New Zealand, CBS, SAGE, Ericsson, Siemens, ASFINAG, Markel, Ameriprise, Europ Assistance.
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