Wisej.NET Chosen Over Radzen/Blazor by Leading German Dealership

Wisej.NET Rapid .NET Web Development - Ludwig Meister Case Study
Wisej.NET Rapid .NET Web Development - Ludwig Meister Case Study

Distributor and Service Provider Ludwig Meister Manages its Autostore Warehouse Automation System with Wisej.NET

Wisej.NET Rapid .NET Web Development - Ludwig Meister Case Study

It’s all about productivity, especially if you are active in a high-competitive market. Ludwig Meister is one of the leading German dealerships and service providers in the field of power transmission, also specializing in tools and hydraulics. When it came to web modernization of the existing Windows-based solution, the team around Stephan Geg, CIO at Ludwig Meister GmbH & Co. KG in Dachau, did research for their future tool-stack. “We tested “Radzen” as well as Wisej.NET, but chose Wisej.NET because of its compatibility with the existing code stack. We were familiar with the technology right away and were able to reuse our existing knowledge and experience.”.
The first project was a comprehensive dashboard for intra logistics management at Ludwig Meister. Stephan’s team was thrilled by the results: “After starting with Wisej.NET we soon saw results even without much experience in web development.”.
When asked about the main benefits for Ludwig Meister, the team mentioned Wisej.NET’s full and integrated control set, the flat learning curve, and the ability to reuse existing business logic code. Stephan continues: “The team behind Wisej.NET is always there to help and they run a great developer forum, making peer support available as well.”.

Results Achieved

  • Intra-logistics management for a distributor of mechanical spare parts and tools
  • Easy switch from Windows to a fully web-based solution
  • Quick turnaround, with a focus on delivering results
  • Familiar coding experience for R&D team with a flat learning curve thanks to Wisej.NET

About Ludwig Meister GmbH & Co. KG

Ludwig Meister is one of the leading distributors for power transmission products, spare parts, and tools. With 300 employees and 8 service centers throughout Germany, serve more than 15.000 customers. Ludwig Meister has 2.5 million products available in their online shop.


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