Wisej Powers Ordering and Fulfillment Processes

Leading Manufacturer for Healthcare Products Optimizes Distribution for NHS Professionals in the UK based on .NET and Wisej

HARTMANN has challenged healthcare conventions for the last 200 years as a leading supplier of solutions for wound care, incontinence, disinfection, and surgical efficiency. With presence in 30+ countries, the group employs more than 10,000 staff worldwide. The Wisej framework was chosen as the best candidate for HARTMANN’s customer-facing solution, Hartmann Advanced Logistics Ordering (HALO). This application simplifies ordering, approval, and fulfillment of wound care products for health professionals in the United Kingdom.
HALO implements functionality common to online ordering systems e.g. searching for products from different providers, placing in a basket, proceeding to order. It enhances ordering functionality with administrative approval and management of restricted products, formulary set-up, budget control and provides live feedback on order progress by managing the fulfillment process end to end. Christopher Turner, Senior Manager – Digital Platforms at Paul Hartmann Ltd., explains: “HALO is primarily used by Health Professionals employed by the National Health Services (NHS) and in Nursing Homes. By choosing a custom approach with .NET and Wisej we were able to design the application exactly to our specific requirements while keeping a clean and easy to use interface for our users.”

Considerations for Choosing Wisej and Microsoft .NET

HARTMANN strives to help shape the healthcare systems of the future. To address the needs of an ageing population, the group continues to go further with innovative products and game-changing service solutions.

When Chris and his team looked at possible approaches to address digital transformation, they had to address a number of requirements: “We consider many things before choosing tools for a project. Community trends, future support, development team skills and enterprise strategy are all important.” The programming background of his team is .NET business applications in a Microsoft-based stack.

Therefore, Wisej presented a product that built on the developers existing skills in a web-based and highly functional environment. In addition, previously developed .NET libraries could be adapted for reuse within the Wisej solution. “Wisej delivers what it promises. It is a stable, secure product and can be relied upon to deliver a frontline application in a variety of browsers with less time spent on the quirks of web UI rendering and more concentration on functionality.”

Alternative technologies like ASP.NET MVC, Razor pages or various JavaScript frameworks did not reach the expectations required for the HALO project:
“We are especially enjoying the following benefits because of using Wisej:
1. Pixel perfect control over UI and layout
2. Extensive toolbox and integrations
3. Flexible visual theming system.”

Addressing the Needs for Line-of-Business Applications

When developing applications for the Healthcare industry, reliability and security are top priorities to address. Chris summarizes: “Wisej has an active development track with progressive enhancements. It presents a minimal client footprint in an abstracted model that ensures security and performance. Ice Tea Group has realized Wisej as a well-supported commercial offering. The product worked as documented. The forums are useful with practical responses and examples from the devs, as are the regular releases and news of forthcoming features.”
HARTMANN enjoyed great productivity through the minimal learning curve that Wisej offers for existing .NET developers. Development teams can realize low-code solutions by employing existing business knowledge and logic from internal teams to quickly build enterprise-grade solutions.
“Wisej should be considered for quickly realizing web-based business models for specific use cases or prototype minimum viable products. It scales well so if adopted for productive use Wisej can support a large user base, internal or external, with economical license costs.”

Results Achieved

  • Online ordering and procurement solution for the healthcare sector
  • Integrated application leveraging existing business logic and system interfaces based on Microsoft .NET
  • Short time-to-market, great user acceptance
  • Modern and economic software solution thanks to Wisej
  • Digital transformation approach for nursing homes and NHS professionals

About Paul Hartmann Ltd.

Paul Hartmann Ltd. (UK and Ireland) operates in Greater Manchester, England, with a focus on Healthcare Product Distribution. It belongs to the German HARTMANN group who is a leading international manufacturer of medical and hygiene products with more than 10,000 employees working in more than 30 countries.


About Ice Tea Group

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