To put this into context, an average system with 800 screens, 20,000 controls, 500 reports, and 5-level deep modal workflows would take nearly 20 man years to write using standard HTML/CSS-based frameworks.

We know of systems using using Wisej.NET that are 5 times as large and that took 1/10th of the time.

unattended rapid updates of the user screens, background tasks, complex data-driven UI logic that cannot be translated to a simple model slapped on a trivial view, and hundreds upon hundreds of stored procedures that work within single transactions. Moreover, it all needs to be tested and debugged live, not just with logs.
With Wisej.NET you can do all that from Visual Studio using C# or VB.NET in a familiar, coherent, and straightforward object and event model. Nothing else even comes close.


Healthcare billing, hospital management, procurement, insurance and benefits.


Court records, land management, taxes, parking tickets, permits and more.


Order management, fulfilling, warehouse management, accounts, and production planning.


Financial records, cash management, investment portfolio.


Project management, parts, suppliers, productivity, planning, site management.

IT Management

Data center management, device monitoring and inventory.


Plant and device management.

Data Processing

Data transformation, automated workflow management and execution, data integration. and Case Studies

Case Studies