Multi-language Fleet Management and Telematics Solution based on Wisej


Multi-language Fleet Management and Telematics Solution based on Wisej


Multi-language Fleet Management and Telematics Solution based on Wisej
Platform for GPS-based tracking provides global real-time position information thanks to Wisej

“We save a lot of time developing with Wisej and can concentrate on what the business really needs” says Nicolás Cieri Urquiza, Director of GPSafe.US. His company is based in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico, and specialized in telematics solutions. Nicolás and his team developed a monitoring and tracking service platform based on Wisej to assist customers around the world. The user interface supports 11 different languages.

“Wisej is lighter than comparable technologies and gives much better results in terms of performance”. The team at GPSafe benefits from a flat learning curve, great support and the integrated development approach thanks to the full stack of options available with Wisej. “It is crucial for us to integrate external components and services. Wisej made this task very easy for us.”

After first attempts with Visual WebGUI and a proprietary framework approach based on JavaScript, .NET and HTML5, Nicolás quickly made the move over to Wisej.

Results Achieved

  • Easy translation in 11 different languages
  • Robust solution with great stability
  • Real-time position updates pushed by the server
  • Simple, integrated, and clean development approach
  • Developer-friendly coding with flat learning curve
  • Easy integration of Google Maps and JavaScript widgets

Supporting Market Demands

Customers around the world are looking for tracking solutions especially in the area of fleet management and heavy-duty machineries. GPSafe provides a detailed view on the position of vehicles with route history, alerts, distance traveled, efficiency, geofencing and georoutes, fuel efficiency, vehicle battery and many other parameters to track and analyze logistics.

Real-time notifications are pushed via e-mail, SMS messages or apps provided by GPSafe for Android and iOS. Wisej’s server to client communication features have proven to be very helpful for pushing position updates out to monitoring clients. Ice Tea Group’s support services have been very helpful and reliable to help build a robust platform.


GPSafe plans to extend and grow the platform and its feature set. Thanks to Wisej’s capabilities and the open architecture, additional services and components can be added in the future to further extend and evolve their tracking solution. Based on the team’s experience with Wisej there is great confidence in the future of this technology.

Disclaimer: Ice Tea Group and GPSafe make no guarantee, warranty or representations. Any projections or estimates are opinion and do not guarantee the current or future performance of the software or represent any kind of contractual obligation on our part. You should conduct an independent investigation of the software to determine to your satisfaction the suitability of the software for your needs.