Wisej Helps Harris Local Government Modernize one of their Product Software Suites

Harris replaces 150 Visual Basic 6 applications with an integrated web based architecture and a modern user interface.

Harris’ software suite is a proven software package that meets the needs of small to large municipalities, counties and water and sewer districts. Local governments benefit from a wide variety of solutions such as vehicle registration, real estate, personal property, and utility billing. The software suite includes financial modules such as accounting, fixed assets, and payroll.
Dave Wade, Development Manager at Harris Local Government, explains: “We are moving from separate Windows applications developed in Visual Basic 6 and decided to design an integrated web-based solution. Wisej seemed to make this transition easier for us to handle.”
The team at Harris has experience with the Microsoft technology stack. Therefore, C# was chosen to be the preferred language for replacing VB6 application that have been running for 15 years. “When we looked for alternatives, we contemplated sticking with Windows, trying to do the upgrade inhouse, and also completely rewriting the solutions with new technology”. In the end, Wisej allowed Harris’ team to upgrade their technology stack at a reasonable cost in a relatively short period of time.

Core Benefits of Wisej

Going from Windows to the Web is a large change for programmers. For Harris, it was essential to leverage the existing investment in business logic and approach a low-risk high-speed modernization approach. Dave continues: “Our new product will be available for our customers much faster than it would have if we had decided to take another route.” This comes with a positive side effect: “Wisej wraps up a lot of the web functionality and developers can still write code similarly to the way they did for Windows applications making for an easier transition.”

Proven Code Stack, Up To Date Technology, Modernized Ui

The outcome so far is truly promising. Within a matter of two years, the entire suite suite of applications will be taken from 150 separate VB6 applications into a unified, modern, and integrated web-based solution. Independent UI experts have designed the new User Interface for Harris’ web software suite, and thanks to Wisej’s theming engine, the existing code works the new UI to deliver beautiful screens and a much-improved user experience.

Customers benefit from new search functionality, a multi-tab interface, a customized home screen, and many more new features based on all the capabilities built-in the Wisej platform.

Results Achieved

  • New cross-platform browser-based technology
  • Broad accessibility for Internet-enabled devices
  • Easier installation & maintenance
  • Save $$ on hardware and deployment costs
  • Clean, simple, elegant modern user interface
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Short turnaround time

About Harris Local Government

For over 30 years Harris Local Government has empowered public sector leaders by providing specialized, mission-critical software designed specifically to meet their fund accounting, human resources, regulatory, and billing needs. Our portfolio of innovative solutions combined with our staff’s extensive experience allows us to help our clients revolutionize their internal processes so they can serve their communities better.
We proudly serve over 5,500 small and mid-sized municipalities, counties, utility districts, and park districts throughout the United States reducing financial risk and driving efficiencies.
Harris Local Government is a division of Harris Computer Corporation and its parent company, Constellation Software, which serves over 125,000 customers in over 100 countries relying on its innovative public and private sector software solutions.

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