Verismic picks up on developer productivity with Wisej.

Verismic Cloud Management Suite helps customers fight Cybersecurity attacks by simplifying IT Management and IT Control.

Cloud Management Suite’s agentless IT systems management solution meets the needs of all types of companies, no matter what size they are or where they operate. Verismic’s proven cloud-based environment enables clients across the globe to complete their IT tasks, software updates, patch management, remote desktop access, software distribution and more.
The award-winning Cloud Management Suite is used in setups ranging from 100 to 35,000 endpoints delivering a variety of solutions for organizations of all sizes as well as managed service providers (MSPs).
As Mark S. Reed, Chief Technical Officer at Verismic Software, explains, “The UI layer of our Cloud Management Suite needed replacing. We wanted to build a new user experience with real-time live communication between server and browser”. Wisej is used for the new console of the Verismic Cloud Management Suite.
“Originally we decided to use Visual WebGUI to build our user interfaces. When Gizmox went out of business I was researching several different replacements before I found Wisej. We were able to port over all the code to Wisej very easily and we also were able to take advantage of the better architecture of Wisej that allows us to push updates to the UI.”. Before making the switch, Verismic experimented with a number of different alternatives. Mark and his team started to write their own UI framework and also considered going back to plain ASP.NET MVC and Angular. None of these options seemed to provide a feasible approach.

Outstanding Features

The move to Wisej went very smooth and took just a matter of weeks. The fast and efficient migration option is way ahead of the other options evaluated by Verismic. Once the initial steps were taken, the Wisej feature set offered a wealth of opportunities and options to enhance the Cloud Management Suite.
Mark’s team enjoys the drag & drop designer, pixel-perfect sizing and alignment, the ability to push server-side updates to the browser, styling options for controls, and the ability to wrap and integrate JavaScript components. The new user experience based on Wisej has a fresh look & feel that was inspired by the Microsoft Azure Portal and other leading cloud management environments.
But there is more to it: “Specifically when we ported over to Wisej we got rid of our refresh buttons and added a timer to check for changes and update the UI. We were able to replace List Views based on arrow paging buttons with a single large grid that will dynamically load from the database as the user scrolls, thanks to Wisej.”.


Wisej has helped to achieve a major product update in a fraction of the time required compared to using other web frameworks. Mark explains: “It is so simple to use. Junior developers are able to come on board quickly and be productive. I believe we spend much less time working on UI and more time developing the rest of the software now that we are using Wisej.”.
Looking ahead, Verismic is going to use the technology and productivity advantage gained with Wisej to enhance their products. Customers will benefit from simplified yet powerful IT management and IT control to keep up with today’s threats and challenges in IT security and network management.

Results Achieved

  • Revamped user interface with a modern look & feel
  • Improved stability with a performance increase
  • Smooth and easy migration in a matter of weeks
  • Added real-time communication between client and server
  • No refresh loops: UI updates get pushed to the browser
  • Improved developer productivity

About Verismic

Verismic Software is a global industry leader providing cloud-based IT management and security technology and services focused on enabling greater management, cost-savings and security control for users, all while engaging in endpoint management.
Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif. and Basingstoke, Hampshire, Verismic is a growing and dynamic organization with offices in four countries and 12 partners in nine countries. Over the past 10 years, Verismic has worked with more than 500 companies ranging from 100 to 100,000 endpoints delivering a variety of solutions for organizations of all sizes as well as managed service providers (MSPs).

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