Real Time Web Applications

Fast Development

Create complex Web Applications in a fraction of the time compared to traditional ASP.NET or MVC.

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Flat Learning Curve

C# and VB.NET developers are productive right away using a well-established environment and programming paradigm.

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Open and Integrated

Integrate most third party JavaScript widgets in a standard and consistent framework – easier to maintain and deploy.

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Pixel Perfect Designer

Design and build complex Web Applications directly in Visual Studio using C# or VB.NET and a rich library of components.

Real Time Browser/Server Updates

The browser and the server are in live-sync through small differential Ajax/JSON packets over a failsafe WebSocket connection.

Responsive Web Applications

Wisej supports responsive breaks, responsive properties, flow and grid layout panels, and auto anchoring/docking to build perfect responsive web apps.

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Real developers don't read, they look at screenshots. - Anonymous

Live Theme Builder

The flexible theme system - based on CSS3 Decorators, Widget Properties, and Theme Mixins, goes beyond plain CSS.

  • Style running applications.
  • Scalable SVG Icons with dynamic fill.
  • Self contained JSON file - including icons.
  • Style custom widgets and properties.
  • Export/import of all theme icons at once.
  • Standalone executable for web designers.

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Started on April 30, 2016


November 1, 2016


.NET 4.5+ and Visual Studio or SharpDevelop

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Contact Info

+1 800 440 7049

1010 Wisconsin Ave #315 Washington DC, 20007

Contact Info

+1 800 440 7049

1010 Wisconsin Ave #315 Washington DC, 20007