Cloud Ready

Wisej applications are ready for scalable cloud deployments, embedded environments, and local servers.

Deploying a web application has never been easier. Wisej apps are entirely contained in .NET assemblies that are easy to deploy anywhere.

Wisej takes care of loading and caching resources, bundling and minifying JavaScript and CSS files, managing sessions and communicating with load balancers. 

Debug in Visual Studio, locally or remotely, and deploy anywhere: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Virtual Machines, Local Servers, Embedded Servers, and even local disconnected applications.

Deploy on Azure

Use Visual Studio deployment wizard to create, deploy, or update an Azure Web Site, Web Role or Virtual Machine. 

Deploy on Amazon AWS

Wisej apps can scale easily on multiple EC2 servers and are able to inform the load balancer when an instance is too busy to take on new sessions.

Deploy on your Servers

It’s easy to deploy on local or hosted servers using IIS Manager or a a simple FTP or XCOPY deployment. Wisej apps are currently compatible with IIS8+ and Cassini/UltiDev for embedded deployments.

Run as a Service or Local Application

This feature will be available next year.

The upcoming Wisej Packager tool can package an entire Wisej application into a service that can serve remote users, or into a standalone Windows application that can run without an internet connection.