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I have few old Visual WebGui application which I plan to port to WiseJ, and I am interested to better understand the licensing requirements.

For VWG I had a Pro license which entitled me to have it active on three computers (I’m using one desktop machine, one larger laptop – 17″, and one lightweight ultrabook which I use while traveling)

All source is in SVN, and I had dev environment setup on all three machines, and with svn update / commit I quickly switched from one machine to another.

One license with three activation allowed me to use any of the machines above (this while still on V 7.x)

Since they switched to open source there was no more activation required.

Regarding deployment, there were no other request – the dlls were royalty free,  so I just published them with the app


What are the licensing requirements with WiseJ?

Does one developer license allow me to install / setup it on all three dev machines I use?

How about deployment?

Can I just deploy the dlls with the app, or I need to purchase a server license for every server where I install the apps?


Thank you



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Hi Bogdan,

thanks for your interest in Wisej.

A developer license is calculated per developer so you can install it on multiple devices.
It includes one free server license.

Additional server licenses can be purchased from us.

Find more information here:

Best regards

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