Real Time

Web Applications

Real Time

Web Applications

30 Day Trial

30 day unlimited trial of the full feature set of Wisej. We’ll send you a single reminder when the trial is about to end.

1 Year Free Updates

For 1 year you will receive all updates and upgrades for free. You can extend the support period at any time at 50% discount.

Unlimited Applications

Host unlimited applications on a server license. Server means a single web server instance, whether it’s a virtual machine, a cloud instance, an embedded server, or  a physical machine.

Extensible +30 Days

If 30 days are not enough to evaluate Wisej, simply get 30 more days of free trial by renewing the license code using our shopping cart.

Full Control Set

Wisej always includes the entire set of controls and components. We don’t have lower tier licenses!

Embedded, Hosted, or Cloud

Wisej applications can be deployed easily on any IIS server, on the cloud, or as embedded applications.

Free Extensions and Themes

You will always have access to our entire library of open-source free extensions, themes and examples.

Server License Included

When you purchase the Developer License we also send you a free Server License at no additional cost. If you need to deploy to one server, you don’t have to buy an additional license.

Top Support

Our support is always available and always included with your license. Contact us directly or post a question online, and we’ll find  the solution for you.

Source Code

The full source code is available as a free Code Warranty, Named Escrow Account, or Full Source Code License.

Named Escrow Account

Buy a named escrow account – The cost is around $850/year, depending on  the selected escrow provider.

Full Source Code License

Unlock the full source code. Pay once and keep getting code updates, as long as you have a valid license.


  • 30 Day Trial
  • Full Features
  • Extensible +30 Days
  • Free Extensions and Themes

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  • 1 Year Free Updates
  • Full Control Set
  • Server License Included
  • Free Extensions and Themes

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  • 1 Year Free Updates
  • Unlimited Applications
  • Multi Core/CPU
  • Embedded, Hosted, or Cloud

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