Its posible to use google map extension or something similar, but with custom tiles?


I want to know if I could use googlemaps extension but with custom tiles or something similiar with zoom, items click support …
I need to show a production line room with dynamic markers/items and zoom support…, but instead of map tiles I’d like to show/load custom tiles with layout room (for each zoom, ofc)…
Would be great if you support a extension with ip/camera streaming too in future, is this something posible?
Thanks in advance!

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Yes, you can use any style.



Copy the style definition from snazzymaps and paste it into the options object adding the “styles”: […] property.

  • Ser Gar
    I mean that if it is posible to load my own custom tiles.(no googlemap neither other provider) I have a 256×256 standard tiles of diferent zoom of my own image aka “pyramid tile map”. AFAIK google map uses the same standard. Basically i want to show my own images, no from provider. Thanks in advance!
  • Luca (ITG)
    I don’t really know. If it’s possible with the Google Map API then yes. If you need a different map provider then no, need to create a different extension.
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