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would it be hard to convert this project for wisej?



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Hi Edmond, Cristian,

we will discuss internally how to come up with a more comprehensive / compact tutorial
for the integration as it is a very prominent and important feature of Wisej.

In the meantime I recommend our Integration blogs as they already contain a lot of information about how
to integrate different javascript components (DevExtreme, SyncFusion, Kendo UI, jqWidgets)
actually turning them into real server components:

Feel free to send us your extensions and ideas and we´ll see how to integrate them into our website.

Best regards

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Hi Luca,


Perhaps a video instructing on how to do this would help. I’d like to learn how as well. A Blog with a video  ?

I think this will open up the door for the community to possibly start integrating some of these and contributing to WiseJ – could there be an area for the community to post these so that we are not duplicating efforts ?

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No need to convert it. Wisej can use any third part javascript library as is. Use the Widget class to import the libraries and to create a Widget. Or use it in a IFramePanel. If you download the source code for one the simple extensions like the Panorama viewer you can see how to include a third party widget. It’s basically the same you’d have to do to include it in a plain html  page.

  • Cristian Zerbinati
    WOW! I must try and learn how to do this import! thank you
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