[CLOSED] Autosize labels get cut off when using firefox and certain fonts


Hello everyone,

we just pinpointed a strange error in combination with firefox.

The Problem

We chose “Segoe UI” as our default font and created a mixin to overwrite the font settings of the Classic-2 theme.
Due to this font selection our labels with autosize enabled get cut off when using Firefox
Sometimes it would just put whole words into the next line and sometimes it would even split the last couple letters into a new line.
I am currently using Firefox in version 75 and i am using the firefox developer edition 76.b07


Please find two screenshots attached. One is from firefox and one is the expected behaviour in chrome.

Sample Project

Additionally i created a sample project, that highlights that some fonts work properly and some dont.
Our application is using the “Segoe UI” font.
The “Tahoma” font appears to be broken as well. Arial on the other hand seems to work fine.

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Best Answer

Add this to Default.html:

   @-moz-document url-prefix() {
     div {
       letter-spacing: -0.03em;

Firefox always has differences with font rendering. We already have line-height:1.2 in wisej.css, will probably add the letter-spacing normalization too.


  • Levie (ITG)
    Florian, did this work for you?
  • Cristian Zerbinati
    in my recent experience, I have also add this at css: line-height: 1.33
  • Luca (ITG)
    Yes, we already have 1.2 that in the built-in wisej.css. Now we added letter-spacing: -0.03em; isolated in @-moz-document url-prefix() this way Chrome, Firefox and Edge or IE have the same font rendering by default. There may be other discrepancies but it’s easy to add more styles to default.html.
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Hi Paul,

thank you for letting me know.

That was my bad i moved the theme file to the themes folder above, but did not update the project file.

Please find the updated sample project attached to this message

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Hi Florian
Thanks for reports this issue
In the project sample, is missing the file fonts.mixin.theme
¿Could be possible that you attach them?

Regards and happy coding


  • Paul (ITG)
    Sorry, I found in the upper directory. Regards
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