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This may exist already but didn’t found it.

Would it be possible to provide me a start example for both android and iOS (or how to compile for both)?
I’d like to start making some apps for it, and ‘d like some start help.

WiseJ 2.1.13

Thanks in advanced,

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Hi Jorge, see below:

  • You cannot deploy iOS applications without a mac and without XCode. It is simply impossible.
  • We will provide two ready-made projects, one in XCode/Swift and one with Android Studio. However, these will be available as premium extensions for Technology Partners.
  • The projects (XCode and Android) are so-called hybrid mobile apps. The application itself is a web application but it is tightly integrate with the mobile device. It is a WebView at the core, but it also provide a bidirectional integration with: Authentication (TouchID and FaceID), Native Tabbar and Toolbar, Native prompts, Native Foreground, Background and Terminate events, Push Notifications, Device information, Statusbar (battery, etc) control, Orientation control (lock, allowed, …), Location, Camera, etc. Brightness control, Sleep control, and so on. All things that are impossible from a webview but are possible with our native modules.
  • Additionally, the packages are open and can be further customized on demand through our professional services.
  • Apps built like this are available to test using TestFlight and can be deployed on the AppStore, Google Play, or the Apple Enterprise services and all the other similar features for Android.

See screenshot of an internal test app running on an iPhone. The top blue area is the native status bar + toolbar, the bottom tab is the native tab bar, all controlled from the Wisej app (buttons, events, colors, visibility). The middle part is a Wisej app that is integrated with the device’s FaceID for authentication.



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Hi Luca,

Well, that’s what I had in mind.
To have this hybrid app’s, ways live from the “internet/server”, that’s great.

– How can i know the price for this premium extensions?
– Would it be possible to provide a sample app for the android webview?

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Hi Again,

When I ask an example, is how this will work, for example visualstudio will produce an .apk for android and a .xxx for iOS?
Will the app be just an “webviewer” and the rest is a normal responsive website made with WiseJ?

If possible to start, i’d ask a small example, if it’s not asking too much!

Thanks in advanced again,

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