Dawsons Group

Dawsons Group logoDawsons Group are a family owned company, and operate currently in Australia and Papua New Guinea. We have our own ERP system, based on Windows Forms, and we have been leveraging that experience to create web SPA applications. Currently we have three in-house sites. Part of our operations is labour hire, and we encourage candidates to upload their certificates and licences through our application. The application validates the entry, checks for minimum requirements, and stores the data pending validation. Our staff then quickly quality check and process. The time saving is enormous. Feedback from candidates has been very positive.

When we are about to engage a candidate, they are required to pass an online induction. As many of our new staff are remote, they can log into our application and complete the course. When finished, the candidate can review their answers where incorrect, and a certificate is available when sufficient competency has been reached. A copy of the certificate is embedded in our HR module.

Lastly, we are a registered training organisation, and we accept bookings through our site. Prices, class sizes, course outline and availability are all accessed from here. Currently we are so encouraged with the performance of Wisej, that we are embarking on converting our desktop ERP system. This is a massive undertaking, as our ERP system dwarfs most on the market, and is highly specialised. Currently progress is approximately 20% complete. We see a bright future for Wisej in the marketplace.


John Sainsbury
Financial Controller / IT Manager
Dawsons Group of Companies