Wrong "startup" in Default.json and you may loose hours...

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The worst part is I did it for the second time.

When I created the project, it was called Wisej.TestBoundTreeView. Then I remembered that Wisej shouldn’t be on its own, because there might be some namespaces mismatch. So I renamed it to WisejTestBoundTreeView (I removed the dot).

The rename was a legal rename, done on project properties, Assembly name and default namespace. Then I renamed the namespace on all files. It’s not Wisej fault that Default.json wasn’t changed. After all, it might be possible that I didn’t want to change Default.json.

I wonder, is there a way for VS to take some action when you change the project Assembly name, say ask “Do you want to change Default.json?” and act accordingly…

So what do I think can be improved? Is it possible for Wisej to detect that the assembly/class/method specified in Default.json don’t exist and show a message on the web page?

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Best Answer

This is in the current update. You should get an error on the client with the description of the problem and the name of the json file.



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Absolutely! I made the same mistake… WJ-7472. Will throw an exception that shows as a message box on the client.

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