[SOLVED] Writing to button's text property, wierd behavior

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When i try to insert the text to button controls, something wierd happens.
I try to write “Gravar”, but the 1st letter always disapear.

Please check this video to see what happens:

Could be enhanced or fixed to the normal behavior?

Thanks in advanced,

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Hi Levie,

Was using 2.0.40, and just updated to 2.0.54 and same behavior.

Check this new video i made for you, when I select the button, the properties pre-select the “text” property so that we can start wrinting, like it happens in the WinForms, and when I try to write “Levie”, see that happens in the video.


Try this:

  • create a form, with wisej empty window
  • insert a button in the form
  • the “text” property is the one that is pre-selected, and if you start writing, you’ll see that the 1st letter is supressed, try to write “levie”
  • Luca (ITG)
    There is something wrong on your machine or VS installation. Wisej has nothing to do with the property editors in Visual Studio.
  • Jorge Bastos
    Hi Luca, Hum, You may be right, Will report this to the VS team, which will give me the fantastic answer “your problem”, as always :P Thanks,
  • Jorge Bastos
    Luca, Just updated to last VS2019 16.3.10 and works ok now, damn, so many bugs this vs2019. My good old vs2010, rock solid, there’s so anoying bugs in this vs2019.
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Hi Jorge,

I can’t reproduce the issue.  Maybe try writing it directly to the designer file for the page.  If you attach a test project I can take another look!  What version of Wisej are you using?



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