Would be great to have a OrgChart wisej control


Would be great to have a OrgChart wisej control/extension like this:
(See demos)
Thanks in advance!

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I have attached an example of how to use Wisej.Web.Widget with the OrgChart and retrieve the data using  Wisej WebMethod call.


When you open it in design mode, select InitScript and open the editor. You can see the initialization code (see below).

When in design mode, it will show some simple placeholder data. When running, it will call the GetOrgChartData() method on the parent page and then initialize the chart object using the data received from the server. It will also attach the “click” event on each node and fire the WidgetEvent on the server.

All the code in there depends on the widget you are using.

There are other ways to get the data from the server,  but calling the WebMethod allows you also to call different methods, update the data, etc.



In design mode you’ll see the placeholder design data.



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Same as https://wisej.com/support/question/hi-something-like-particle-js

As I wrote, you can import and use anything without an extension. The Wisej extension controls wire .NET properties and methods to the widget and make integrate it a bit more deeply. The different types of integration are described here: https://wisej.com/?smd_process_download=1&download_id=3921

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