[SOLVED] WiseJ Widget - Import External Function / Json


Is there a way to use external JS files with functions  and json data files inside the Widgets ?

Can you show me how , please … I couldn´t get access to the function …



this.init = function(options) {

    if (!wisej.web.DesignMode)
        var spread = new GC.Spread.Sheets.Workbook(this.container, {
            sheetCount: 1
        this.importaTemplate(); <<--function in external JS File referenced in packages ..


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Best Answer

You can load javascript using the <script> tag in your Default.html, or:

Use the widget’s Packages collection, or:

Use any third party javascript loader, or:

User Wisej built-in loader:

 * load
 * Loads the specified set of urls as a package identified by the unique id.
 * The package is loaded only once and cached.
 * @param urls {Array|String} url or urls to be loaded in sequence.
 * @param callback(state) {Function} called when all the resources are fully loaded or if an error occurs.
 * the argument state can be: "complete", "cached", "error".
Wisej.load = Wisej.load || function (urls, callback)



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