Wisej.Web.Ext.JustGage.JustGage - values not refreshing correctly on timer.


I have a number of guages that I am building based off a list into a flow layout control. Below is the code that I use to draw them.
I have a timer that fires every 10 seconds. In the timer, I clear the flow layout control with .clear then based off the list, add the controls I want back in with the flowlayoutcontrol.controls.add() function.
The controls are drawn each time, but the data in the controls doesn’t change.

I am sure I am missing something, but I am again at a loss as to what.

Dim guage = New Wisej.Web.Ext.JustGage.JustGage()

With guage
.Label = Nothing
.Location = New System.Drawing.Point(6, 21)
.Size = New System.Drawing.Size(115, 115)
.Symbol = Nothing
.TabIndex = 0
.Name = ControlName
.Text = Title
.Value = Value
.Label = 100
.Maximum = Max
.Decimals = DecimalPlaces

End With

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Hi Shawn,

this works fine for us, when we tried it. Can you please create a sample that shows that problem ?
Please note that you do not need to set the location explicitly since the controls are in a flow panel.

Thanks in advance !

Best regards

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