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Your Wisej.Web.TextBoxBase has ComponentToolCollection, which help me a lot in converting my Window Form project to Wisej. Thank You.

Now i’m facing the same editing requirement for Wisej.Web.DataGridViewTextBoxColumn

What i want to achieve is provide a custom editor at the time user starts to edit a cell. Please see attached pic. You can see that the editor is generated with a tool button  when user starts editing the cell content in the column Contact.

If user do not edit the grid content, i want to use the default displaying feature of DataGridViewTextBoxColumn without any user control. This is for avoiding the cost of using user controls.

It would be great if

  1. Wisej.Web.DataGridViewTextBoxColumn has a ComponentToolCollection and
  2. DataGridViewTextBoxCell displays tool buttons if ComponentToolCollection has any elements.
  3. The DataGridView raise an Event when user press tool buttons. It contains the Column index/rowindex for the clicked cell

If this is not possible, is there any properly way to get the job done.

Thanks in advance for your support.


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Hi Tung,

using Tools in DataGridView cells is similar to using Tools in TextBoxes:


To define the tools, open the designer, Edit columns and set the properties:


You can handle the Tool click by attaching to the CellToolClick event. ColumnIndex and RowIndex will be included in its event args.

I have put together a small sample that shows all your 3 points listed above:


Hope that helps.

Best regards

  • Tung Ngo
    Hello Frank, Wow, I did not realize that this feature is already included. Thank you for the example. I had to do a lot of work around to make this work with my previous VWG app. Regards
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