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Hi Everyone,

Apologies if this has been answered somewhere else, but we are trying to determine if it is possible to create a web app with Wisej, deploy it to a server (IIS/Apache), outside user downloads the web app in Chrome/Safari/FF on Android/Apple/PC, then if the network drops out, the web app can continue to run within the browser with a local database instance, then once the network is back again, database changes could be persisted back to the server.

Is this sort of thing possible and if so, is it using the Self Hosting feature in Wisej?

Can this Self Hosting work on Android/Apple devices as well, or would there need to be some other layer built in to make this happen?

Happy to hear other suggestions.

Thank you

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You can run it offline on a windows machine using the self hosting or standalone options. Cannot run it offline on non windows machine.

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