Wisej PWA template - instance=PWA? Online/Offline



I use:
[+] licensed Wisej 2.2
[+] Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2019, version 16.7.5
[+] Windows 10

I have created a Wisej project based on the PWA template. The following questions:
[1] The Application.SessionCount and Application.SessionId methods return the SessionCount and SessionId for the current instance. With the existing methods, is it also possible to inquire whether the current instance is a PWA?

[2] The PWA only goes online if the https version is also running in Explorer. Is there a possibility [Service Worker] to design this so that the PWA runs standalone online? Like, for example, the PWAs from Blazor WASM?

Many Thanks. Greetings.


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1- There isn’t much to detect. A PWA is simply a web page that may or may not be loaded from local cache. The cache is managed by a service worker. There is nothing more to it. Chrome allows the page to be “installed”, but it’s still just a link. There is some javascript that you can try to detect of the page is standalone.

2- No Wisej is server side only. Wasm and PWA are two different things. Wasm is webassembly and in .NET case it’s mono loaded in the browser. PWA isa way to save requests/responses in a local cache. You can add any client code in the /Offline folder but it cannot use the server or the database when offline.

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