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When using PDF.JS option of the PDF viewer – where does it server the PDF.JS code from ? Is it from WiseJ DLLs or is it from somewhere else online ?

Also – if it is from WiseJ Dlls in my application, how often will it be kept up to date (the PDF.js code)?

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Hi Edmond,

you can host and personalize the viewer simply by copying pdf.js and use the custom option.

Use code like this:

this.pdfViewer1.ViewerType = Wisej.Web.PdfViewerType.Custom;
this.pdfViewer1.ViewerURL = “pdfjs-1.9.426/web/viewer.html?file=[source]”;

This is for the Mozilla Viewer:

MOZILLA_VIEWER_URL: “//mozilla.github.io/pdf.js/web/viewer.html”,

Hope that helps.

Best regards

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