[CLOSED] Wisej on Linux


Luca Pivato said

In one of the linux early tests I could compile everything using mono (using http, not websocket). One of the issues that we will have to solve when we get there (after the release) is the lack of HTTP/WebSocket servers on linux and the cumbersome server/app interfaces. Apache was not designed for WebSocket, but it has a mod that can tunnel to another WebSocket server.

One thing I’m looking at is Owin and Owin/Katana (Open Web Interface). It will be part of the embedded wisej coding. This way we can expose an open interface to any owin-compatible web server, including self hosting.

Hi Luca,

I know this wont’t be solved until Wisej release. Anyway your preliminary tests show that apart from the WebSocket issue, running Wisej on Linux using Mono won’t raise any major issue.

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