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We are plannig develop large project with wisej , Is wisej credible ? , will be die in future ? , visual web gui died now , Is wisej will be stop developing like visual web gui ?


There are fears of our company in this regard





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Currently I am developing a new LOB application and need to say my words of praise, because the library is mature and stable and support is excellent.

Will warmly recommend enterprise people to give it a try.


I am very much interested in delivering fast results and do not want to spend any time dealing with implementation details of current JS frameworks.

With WiseJ everything (front and back) is well thought-through, works out-of-box, it takes all my pain away.

I have tried several LOB frameworks before (e.g. ExtJS, DotVVM) but was never satisfied about the front/back integration and the JavaScript debugging work efforts need to be done to put something working in place.

After having discovered WiseJ few months ago, happily stopped looking for any alternatives, because in the meanwhile I have already solved all my business problems with WiseJ.


Please consider your application needs. I have only few corporate users (data entry) with rather complex input forms with extended validation logic, cascading drop down lists, big master-detail tables (many columns and rows) , attachment uploads, DB concurrency checks.

WiseJ is perfectly scalable for complexity, e.g. 100’s of controls in one input form: labels, text boxes, combo boxes, grids, tabs, buttons, toolbars, …

WiseJ is most suitable for LOB applications, because I can develop a form in one day, no thrills.


Perhaps the app will not scale well for many simultaneous users, as it keeps per-user sessions on the server. I would use other frameworks for consuming-only popular public sites.




  • Luca (ITG)
    Thank you! Web LOB s is exactly what Wisej is designed and built for. There are many frameworks for twitter-like web pages, but almost none targeted at business apps. Wisej will never scale to the level of a stateless HTML page, but we have scaled it easily to hundreds of concurrent users using very little resources. Additionally, a Wisej typical request is few bytes, while a system that builds the entire HTML page on each request sends much larger packets. More on this will be on a blog soon. Also consider that you can deploy Wisej apps as destktop apps (like Electron but better) and as self hosted services.
  • Thomas (ITG)
    Hi Kizaemon, we just posted a case study that shares some experience with scalability and handling a multi-server setup. Take a look our customer’s experience here: https://wisej.com/blog/wisej_distributed_load_balancing_nginx/ In case you are interested, I can put you in contact with these guys to share some experience.
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It’s been some time since the last post and Wisej is evolving in big steps. With additional traction worldwide, we’ve added options to support different customer scenarios in a better way. Therefore we’re happy to announce that the Wisej Technology Partner program has just been released. It introduces…

  • Priority Support
  • Bulk License Prices
  • Reseller Discounts
  • Source Code Subscription
  • Self-Managed Single License Keys

In case you’re interested to learn more, please contact us at info@wisej.com.


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Hi Birol,

The main original purpose of wisej was to be used as a replacement of VWG in our projects and the projects executed by our service partners. We have hundreds of applications around the world (since 1998) based on our migration technology. So, for us (iceteagroup.com) Wisej will succeed even if we fail to sell many licenses.

Having said that, we will put in place source code safeguards where if we cease to maintain the product, every customer with a valid license will receive the full source code. We will also make available the source code from the start (at a price) and named escrow deposits for a fee since it has a per-user cost.

We have done the same for our PPJ Framework since that’s the first question we have been getting for about 16 years from corporations around the world that obviously don’t want to get locked in.

I hope this helps.


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