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We are plannig develop large project with wisej , Is wisej credible ? , will be die in future ? , visual web gui died now , Is wisej will be stop developing like visual web gui ?


There are fears of our company in this regard





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Hi Birol,

The main original purpose of wisej was to be used as a replacement of VWG in our projects and the projects executed by our service partners. We have hundreds of applications around the world (since 1998) based on our migration technology. So, for us (iceteagroup.com) Wisej will succeed even if we fail to sell many licenses.

Having said that, we will put in place source code safeguards where if we cease to maintain the product, every customer with a valid license will receive the full source code. We will also make available the source code from the start (at a price) and named escrow deposits for a fee since it has a per-user cost.

We have done the same for our PPJ Framework since that’s the first question we have been getting for about 16 years from corporations around the world that obviously don’t want to get locked in.

I hope this helps.


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