Wisej form into generic HTML container


Can I set a html container of a form (without asbsolute positions)?

for example, default.html, I would like the form to be contained in WISEJCONTAINER div.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src=”wisej.wx”></script>

<div>CUSTOM DIV1</div>
<div>CUSTOM DIV2</div>


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It was possible in early builds. We had a system of tags, like <div data-wisej=”myApp.form1, myApp.dll”/> to let non wisej apps pull in any wisej control or container inside an element but dropped it because it wasn’t complete and we thought it would give the wrong impression that wisej is a control library that can be pulled in other javascript-only system.

Another problem is that the core javascript library (qooxdoo) always creates a “root” element that acts as a surface for everything else, so html elements in Default.html are covered by the root element and cannot receive pointer input. One change we are looking at is to use the body as the root.

For elements created by a Wisej form it is possible since we have an inline root, which used for the datagrid cells when they pull in a control.

So, technically yes it is possible but the current implementation would make unusable because of the fact that if it’s below the “root” element in the z-order of the browser it cannot receive pointer events. Have logged as a new feature: WJ-8416.

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