Wisej.Ext.Geolocation InvalidResponse issue on last wisej versions


I realize that geolocation extension included in setup always returns InvalidResponse since last updates (PositionChanged callback on server), but in client (js) returns success and valid coords. Tested up to 1.3.43 version.

Only success if I compile from old downloaded extension sourcecode, has some bugs but i fixed from (coords.sccuracy->coords.accuracy)
this.Accuracy = coords.sccuracy ?? double.NaN;
this.Accuracy = coords.accuracy ?? double.NaN;

Then i guess something changes in “Wisej.Ext.Geolocation.dll” in last builds

Thanks in advance

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Best Answer

Yep, found the change in the log from February 6th. The Geolocation component was returning only the error code but not the error message. The js part was changed to the return both the code and message but the cs class was updated only for the GetCurrentPosition() call and not for the PositionChanged event.

The sccuracy typo error is very old. Thanks for finding this out. The updated component is online at /extensions.

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