Wisej Beta Update


The following issues have been resolved. Please download the exe installer again since now it is signed and shouldn’t trigger any antivirus tool: http://demo.wisej.com/setup/wisej.exe


Item Type Priority Severity Title Resolution
WJ-7095 Bug Low Minor Tabbing away from a TextBox doesn’t fire the TextChanged event Complete
WJ-7096 Bug Low Trivial DateTimePicker – MinDate/MaxDate have strange values on startup Complete
WJ-7205 Bug Medium Major Dropping a MenuBar control on a page or window causes a NullReference exception. Complete
WJ-7206 Bug Medium Minor The designer allows the MainMenu component to be dropped on a Page. Complete
WJ-7207 Enhancement Medium Minor The installer exe may trigger antivirus tools because it’s not signed. Complete
WJ-7208 Bug Low Trivial The StyleSheet component uses the default icon in the toolbox and component tray. Complete
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