Wisej 2.2 example PWA


PWA features added in Wisej 2.2
Is there an example using

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Hi Takao,

When you download Wisej 2.2 from wisej.com/Builds or the AutoUpdater, you will have access to the new Wisej PWA Template.



Once you create the new project, you’ll see the structure of the project is a bit different compared to other Wisej solutions.

You’ll see there are now 8 different unique offline page styles you can choose from. Look at each one and pick the one you like the most. Remove the rest of the Offline folders from the project and rename your favorite offline style to just “Offline”



You’ll see this project comes with a default PWA installation panel that you can customize.



The default application will show the custom PWA installation prompt as soon as it’s available to install (Application_BeforeInstallPrompt event)

which correlates to the JS event: https://web.dev/customize-install/



You can find new configuration options in Default.json as well, note the “enablePWA” and “offlineUrl” configuration options.



The template also comes with the standard manifest.json configuration file for PWAs. You can find documentation on it here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Manifest


If you have any questions about the integration please let me know! I’ve attached the sample project from the screenshots.


Best regards,


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Hi  Levie(ITG) ,

Is there an example program source for a web application?



  • Levie (ITG)
    Hi Takao, could you please elaborate on what you mean? The project I attached below will allow you to install the PWA application to your computer and utilize the offline functionality.
  • Takao Watanabe
    Hi Levie(ITG), for example wisej-examples/GoogleMaps program source can’t be moved offline using wisej2.2 PWA?
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